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Pallet Master / Servers

Our Pallet Master/server enables one person to easily move fully loaded pallets, skids and crates (with or without an understructure) without the use of a fork truck. Assembled in the USA.

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Pallet Master / Servers

Pallet Master / Servers


The Pallet Master/Servers, are designed to be used when a fork truck is not available. The Pallet Master/Servers can handle pallets and skids both with and without an understructure. Capacity rated is at 18” regardless of fork length. The forks are 36" long for handling a wide variety of pallet sizes. Move the unit around easily on 8" x 3" (8” x 2” locking standard on LL-PMPS) phenolic swivel rear casters Floor lock standard on PMPS series. Handle height is 36”. 

 Outriggers are adjustable on series LL-PMPS, inside straddle width is adjustable between 34” to 50-1/2”. Push buttons to raise and lower lift are located on power unit and hand pendant control on an 8 foot coil cord. DC powered units include one 12V DC battery and on-board charger.

 PTDS-E – Power Traction Drive option reduce worker fatigue and injury. An alternative to costly fork trucks, the PTDS-E includes combination throttle / direction controller and auto reverse emergency “belly” switch.  This state of the art option allows a single operator to safely and easily move products.  Maximum speed is 2.5 m.p.h.  24V DC system.

**All measurements in the table below are represented in inches, pounds and $USD.

Pallet Master / Servers

Fork Size Lift Height Capacity Description Weight Model # Price
36 50"H  2,500 lbs.  Manual Foot-pump operation 985 lbs. PMPS-50M $4,383.00
4 36  50"H  4,000 lbs.  115V AC Powered 1,081 lbs.  PMPS-50-AC $4,383.00
4 36 50"H  4,000 lbs.  Reciprocating Air/oil Powered 962 lbs. PMPS-50-AIR $4,383.00
4 36 50"H  4,000 lbs.  Reciprocating 12V DC Powered 1,102 lbs. PMPS-50-DC $4,383.00
4 36 60"H 4,000 lbs.  115V AC Powered 1,065 lbs. PMPS-60-AC $4,738.00
4 36 60"H 4,000 lbs.  Reciprocating Air/oil Powered 1,029 lbs.  PMPS-60-AIR $4,738.00
4 36 60"H 4,000 lbs.  12V DC Powered 1,102 lbs.  PMPS-60-DC $4,738.00
4 36  50"H 1,200 lbs.  115V AC Powered  860 lbs. LL-PMPS-50-AC $2,804.00 
36  50"H 1,200 lbs.  Reciprocating Air/oil Powered 860 lbs. LL-PMPS-50-AIR $2,804.00
4 36 50"H 1,200 lbs.  12V DC Powered 911 lbs. LL-PMPS-50-DC $2,804.00
4 36  60"H 1,200 lbs.  115V AC Powered 875 lbs. LL-PMPS-60-AC $3,149.00
4 36 60"H 1,200 lbs.  Reciprocating Air/oil Powered 875 lbs. LL-PMPS-60-AIR $3,149.00
4 36 60"H 1,200 lbs.  12V DC Powered 935 lbs. LL-PMPS-60-DC $3,149.00
4 36 72"H 1,200 lbs. 115V AC Powered 910 lbs. LL-PMPS-72-AC $3,644.00
4 36  72"H 1,200 lbs.  Reciprocating Air/oil Powered 910 lbs LL-PMPS-72-AIR  $3,644.00
4 36 72"H 1,200 lbs.  12V DC Powered 950 lbs LL-PMPS-72-DC $3,644.00


    Description Model # Price
   48”L Forks (3,200 Lb. capacity @ 24” centers PMPS-48FORK $345.00
   Retrofit Drum Carrier Rotator (800 lb. capacity) PMPS-DCR $907.00
   Battery Charge Indicator Gauge BCI $102.00 

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