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Adjustable Aircraft Stands

Fabrication Authorities International, LLC. offers variety of adjustable aircraft platforms to ensure we can provide the perfect solution to your aircraft servicing needs. Adjustable Aircraft Stands are a popular choice because they may be utilized to service any aircraft within their height range and one stand may replace the need for several different types of platforms and ladders. They are compatible with multiple aircraft types, and provide critical fall protection while improving worker productivity and allowing for safe and easy access to maintenance areas on the aircraft. Fabrication Authorities International, LLC offers excellent pricing and short lead times on an entire range of high-quality adjustable aviation stands for wing, engine, or tail maintenance. We have a variety of adjustable aviation stands, including: B1, B1 Extended Platform, B2 ,B4, B5, and B7 Stands. We also offer: Multi-Purpose Maintenance Platforms, Maintenance Man Lifts, Commercial Aircraft Engine Access Stands, and Commercial Aircraft Maintenance Stands. Some of our existing adjustable stands may be used to access aircraft, including our Scissor Lifts and Electric Elevating Platforms.

We also have the ability to engineer a totally unique system designed and manufactured to the exact maintenance requirements and specifications of your facility. Fabrication Authorities International, LLC. is dedicated to providing you with fast, responsible, and reliable service, including a professional consultation to provide you with an adjustable aircraft platform. All of our products may be modified or completely custom designed to suit your needs. Our dedicated staff can assist you from concept to completion in a timely fashion.

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