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Quick Lifts

Our Quick Lifts are quiet, lightweight units that transport and position loads quickly with just a push of a button. Battery operated. We offer a variety of models to suit your individual needs: DC Power Quick Lifts, available in Steel and Aluminum models, Versatile Quick lifts, and Manual Work Positioners.

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Quick Lifts

We offer a wide variety of models to suit your individual needs, including: Steel Quick Lifts, Aluminum Quick Lifts, Versatile Quicklifts, and Manual Work Positioners.

DC Powered Steel Quick Lifts

DC Powered Quick Lifts PEL-88

DC Powered Quick Lifts PEL-400-57

Our DC Powered Quick Lifts are quiet, lightweight units that transports and position loads quickly with just a push of a button. Battery operated. High density polyethylene platform makes these lifts ideal for clean room operations. Confined spaces and narrow aisles are no longer a problem.


 * 24V battery and 110V AC charger  * 9" horizontal load center
 * High density polyethylene platform  * Powder coat blue finish
 * Poly casters; 2-swivel and 2-swivel locking  * Proofed lifting chain
 * Low profile design for maneuvering in narrow aisles  * 24V DC standard

These DC Powered Quick Lifts are perfect for working in confined spaces. A detachable handheld control with coil cord for remote operation is optional. The optional Programmable Height Indexing option allows you to preset multiple working heights at a touch of a button. Available in steel and aluminum models.

**All measurements in table are represented in inches, pounds and $USD.

 DC Powered Quick Lifts
 Model #  Platform Size    Capacity Service Range  Caster Size   Weight  Price
 Steel Quick Lifts
PEL-88S-D3  23-1/2  18-1/2   175  5-5/8 to 57  3  225  $2,580.00
PEL-100S-D3  23-1/2  18-1/2   125  5-5/8 to 72  3  245  $2,679.00
PEL-400S-57-D3  24  20  400  6-1/2 to 57  4  427  $4,755.00
PEL-400S-72-D3  24  20  400  6-1/2 to 72  4  440  $4,787.00
 Aluminum Quick Lifts
PEL-88A-D3  23-1/2  18-1/2   175  5-1/2 to 57  3  205  $2,649.00
PEL-100A-D3 ‌23-1/2 ‌18-1/2  ‌125 ‌5-1/2 to 72 ‌3 ‌225 $2,885.00

We also offer the Power Quick Lifts manufactured in aluminum. They are lightweight and easy to operate.

DC Powered Quick Lift Aluminum Front View

DC Powered Quick Lift Aluminum Back View



 * Lift Speed Adjustment at Your Fingertips  * Fully Programmable Motor Controller 
 * Efficient and Quiet Ball Screw Design Uses Less Power Per Pound to Lift  * On-Board Charger, Self Monitoring
 * All Lift Components Concealed in Lift Column, No Dangerous Pinch Points  * Virtually Maintenance Free Design
 * Adjustable Handle Height to Suit each Individual Users Ergonomic Conditions  * Clean room Environments Ideal
 * Drifting/Coasting of Load is Eliminated due to Electromagnetic Brake and Drive Screw Design  * (2) Maintenance Free Batteries


Versatile Quicklifts

Versatile Quicklifts

Our Versatile Quicklifts offer an economical alternative DC powered lift. Ideal for light industrial or commercial applications.  Features durable belt over pulley design. This lifter has a high service range and four swivel casters to provide great versatility and convenience. White high density (HDPE) plastic platform is scratch resistant, easy to clean, and retains an attractive appearance. Just 18 seconds for the 55-3/8" platform travel.  Top wheels facilitate loading into a pick-up or van. Tool tray and remote battery charger is standard.


 Versatile Quicklifts
  Model #   Platform Size   Service Range  Overall Size 


 Weight   Price
 W  L  W L    H 
 PEL-33  20½  18  5 3/8" to 59-3/4"  20-3/8  36-7/16  76  3"/4"  159  $3,137.00
 PEL-S Single Spindle    2 $168.00
 PEL-DS   Double Spindle     12  contact for pricing


Quick Lift - Manual Work Positioners MWP-440

Quick Lift - Manual Work Positioners

Quick Lift - Manual Work Positioners MWP-220

These lightweight lifts are designed to take the strain out of any lifting job. Ideal for use in narrow aisles and confined spaces. Platform height is adjustable with a manual hand winch. An auto brake system allows for controlled lowering.

 Manual Work Positioners
  Model #   Platform Size   Service Range   Capacity  Weight    Price 
 W  L
 MWP-220-M  18-1/2   23-3/4  5¼ to 59   220  129  $927.00
 MWP-440-M  18-1/2   23-3/4  5¼ to 59   440  186  $974.00
 MWP-VBLK   V Block Attachment  15  $142.00
 MWP-RR  Reel Rotator Attachment  33  $296.00 
 MWP-DSPIN  Double Spindle Attachment  15  $100.00
 MWP-SPIN   Single Spindle Attachment  6  contact for pricing

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