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Double Scissor Lift Tables

Our Double Scissor Lift Tables are an excellent choice when extra lift is needed to raise loads. Reduce time lost to personnel injuries and help increase your facility's productivity! Fabrication Authorities International can help your workplace to be a safer and more efficient place to be. 

We have several models available to suit your needs!

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Double Scissor Lift Tables

Achieve the extra reach you're looking for with our Double Scissor Lift Tables! These full featured electric hydraulic scissor lift tables feature a  2 HP, 460V, 3-phase, 60 Hz totally enclosed motor standard, however, other voltages are available.

Double Scissor Lift Tables


Safety features include: electric toe guard to protect pinch points during lowering of the table, velocity fuse to stop falling due to loss of hydraulic pressure, 24VAC push-button hand control, maintenance prop, and upper travel limit switch to stop table at maximum height reducing motor wear.


  • Lifts higher for easier shelf stocking.
  • The ergonomic styling makes it safe and comfortable to use.
  • This back saver helps you to lift, position or transport heavy loads in the office, factory or warehouse, preventing employee injury.



 All welded steel construction meets AWS standard  24 Volt, fused control circuit
 3000 PSI component rating on swaged hoses/fittings  Adjustable upward travel limit switch
 Pinch Point Guard standard. Being prepared is the best prevention!  1,000 - 6,000 Lbs. capacity available
 Brass safety velocity fuse in hydraulic actuator prevents sudden drop  Voltage - 115-460 Volt, 60 cycle, 3 phase
 State of the art bearings for long life - pins and bearings are replaceable  Comes standard with 24 Volt Hand Control
 Rugged deep section double scissor legs for superior strength and height  2 HP, 460V, 3-phase, 60 Hz totally enclosed motor
 Industrial quality, 56 frame, 2 HP motor delivers best torque with minimal amperage and maximum life


If you are unsure of the size or type of Scissor Lift that you require to meet your needs, please CLICK HERE NOW to fill out our Double Scissor Lift Survey Sheet and email it back to us, along with your ship to zip code, for a formal quote including freight!

Width may be 34" to 48" and Length may be 48" to 72" or 64" to 88". Please specify platform size when ordering.

**Measurements in the table below are represented in inches, pounds and seconds.

 Double Scissor Lift Tables Model Number Format: EHLTD - (width)(length) - capacity - raised height
‌Model # Vertical
Platform Size Capacity Height Travel
‌W ‌L Raised Lowered
‌EHLTD-(W)(L)-1-70 60 ‌34-48 ‌48-72 1,000 ‌70 ‌10 11 1,157 $6,871.00
EHLTD-(W)(L)-2-70 60 ‌34-48 ‌48-72 2,000 ‌70 ‌10 16 1,250 $7,657.00
EHLTD-(W)(L)-3-70 60 ‌34-48 ‌48-72 3,000 ‌70 ‌10 22 1,343 $8,167.00
EHLTD-(W)(L)-4-70 60 ‌34-48 ‌48-72 4,000 ‌70 ‌10 32 1,436 $8,684.00
EHLTD-(W)(L)-5-70 60 ‌34-48 ‌48-72 5,000 ‌70 ‌10 34 1,529 $9,814.00
EHLTD-(W)(L)-1-84 72 ‌34-48 ‌64-88 1,000 ‌84 ‌12 16 1,576 $8,139.00
EHLTD-(W)(L)-2-84 72 ‌34-48 ‌64-88 2,000 84 ‌12 32 1,680 $8,759.00
EHLTD-(W)(L)-3-84 72 ‌34-48 ‌64-88 3,000 84 ‌12 48 1,762 $8,996.00
EHLTD-(W)(L)-4-84 72 ‌34-48 ‌64-88 4,000 84 ‌12 48 1,855 $9,731.00
EHLTD-(W)(L)-5-84 72 ‌34-48 ‌64-88 5,000 84 1‌2 48 1,948 $11,756.00

*Weight is approximate -  will vary depending on platform size and additional options.


                    Model #                       Description Price
          RRC-2PB           2 Button Wireless Remote $1,394.00
          RRC-4PB           4 Button Wireless Remote $1,394.00
          EHLTD-ROTATE           Manual built-in carousel $1,344.00
          EHLTD-70-PROGRAM            Programmable Height $1,951.00
          SCALE-MU           Integral scale - Several options available contact for pricing
          EHLTT-ROTARY-WMPB             Air/oil power with pneumatic push button  $4,579.00


Fabrication Authorities International also has the knowledge and experience to provide custom designs and options. Our years of manufacturing expertise will ensure that our manufacturing methods meet your application needs and your quality expectations. This combined industry experience and flexibility will provide the correct ergonomic solution for your unique application.

We are dedicated to providing solutions for all of your access needs. Contact us for a professional consultation with our sales technicians today. All of our products may be modified or completely custom designed to suit your needs. Our dedicated staff can assist you from concept to completion in a timely fashion.


Please call for additional options or custom designs
Fabrication Authorities International, LLC. Is your new “total access” solution
We can customize most Industrial Maintenance Platforms to your specific needs 
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