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Powered Lift Stackers

Our Powered Lift Stackers are designed to improve the efficiency of pallet handling systems by offering completely automated machines, eliminating the need to manually handle pallets. Our Lift Stackers are reliable, adaptable, maintenance-free -- and the fastest on the market!


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Powered Lift Stackers

Our Powered Lift Stackers enable the operator to transport loads throughout warehouse facilities quickly and with less effort. These DC powered stackers provide an economical alternative,  ideal for maintenance and commercial applications when power is not available.

These Powered Lift Stackers are semi-electric stackers with the power needed to raise or lower loads quickly and easily. This unit can be used as manual hand pump lift or electric powered lift. An economical lift to handle tasks such as transporting dies, molds, and skids.


 * Steel profile construction, yet compact design.  * Powered with (1) 12V battery
 * High quality hydraulic pump and DC lift system.  * Several models to choose from.
 * All models are easily maneuverable using the standard series pull handle.  * Individual forks are 4" wide x 42" long.
 * Integral battery charger, battery level gauge, and adjustable lowering speed.


Powered Lift Stacker - SL-118-FF

Powered Lift Stacker - SL-63-FF


**All measurements in the table below are represented in inches, pounds and $USD.

 Powered Lift Stackers
 Model #   Raised Height   Uniform Capacity Weight   Price
  0" - 63"
Raised Height
  63" - 118"
Raised Height
118" - 150"
Raised Height  
Adjustable Forks / Adjustable Support Legs (for pallets and skids)
SL-63-AA 63  2,000  n/a n/a 870  $5,075.00
SL-118-AA 118  2,000  1,500 n/a 1,070   $5,682.00
SL-137-AA 137  2,000 1,500 1,000 1,140  $6,436.00
SL-150-AA 150  2,000 1,500 118"-137"(1,000) / 137"-150"(750) 1,188  $6,778.00
 Fixed Forks over Fixed Support Legs (for skids only)
SL-63-FF 63  2,000 n/a n/a 620  $4,544.00
SL-118-FF 118   2,000 1,500 n/a 909  $5,688.00
SL-HC ‌ Hand Control  3 $218.00
SL-DK ‌Solid Platform     33 $343.00
AGM-UPG-1-12V Factory installed Battery upgrade - 12V 75AH 4‌1 $434.00
‌AGM-UPG-SL Factory installed Battery upgrade - 12V 100AH‌ 6‌8 $521.00


Stacker with Powered Drive and Powered Lift

Powered Lift and Drive Stacker - S-118-FF

Our Stacker with Powered Drive and Powered Lift transports loads throughout warehouse facilities quickly and with less effort. The ergonomic handle features easy-to-operate throttle with infinite adjustment of forward and reverse speeds, lift/lower controls, proprietary safety-enhancing emergency reverse function, and horn. Includes an electromagnetic disc brake with automatic dead-man feature that activates when  user releases the handle.


 * (2) 12V, 95Ah lead acid deep cycle batteries  * 0.7 KW drive and 2.0 KW lift motor
 * Heavy duty high torque 24VDC drive and lift motor  * Integral battery charger
 * Stacker rolls smoothly on poly-on-steel steer & load wheels  * Battery level gauge
 * 3-4 hour operation at full charge - 8 hours when used intermittently  


Proprietary safety-enhancing emergency reverse function
When actuated, the emergency reverse belly switch instantly reverses direction and moves the unit forward (away from the operator) until the switch is released or after five seconds have elapsed. The built-in safety circuit will automatically disable the entire unit if the emergency reverse belly switch is activated for more than 5 seconds after which the unit must be re-set to return to normal operating conditions. Absorbed Glass Matt (AGM) Battery that is maintenance free. Sealed construction eliminates periodic watering and corrosive acid fume spills. This state-of-the-art safety device provides a level of operator protection which is unmatched by any unit on the market today.


Stacker with Powered Drive and Powered Lift
Model #  Fork Size Height  Uniform Capacity    Weight Price


Lowered Raised 0" - 62"
Raised Height
62" - 118"
Raised Height 
118" - 150"
Raised Height 
Fixed Forks / Adjustable Support Legs (for pallets & skids)
S-62-FA 26 3/4  42  2 1/2 62 2,000 n/a n/a 970 $9,554.00
Adjustable Forks / Adjustable Support Legs (for pallets & skids)
S-62-AA 26 3/4  42   2 1/4 62 2,000 n/a n/a  990 $10,668.00
S-118-AA  26 3/4    42   2 1/8 118  2,000 1,500 n/a 1,131 $10,924.00
S-150-AA 26 3/4  42   2 1/8 150  2,000 1,500 1,000 1,290 $12,376.00
Fixed Forks over Fixed Support Legs (for skids only)
S-62-FF 26 3/4  42  3 3/8 62 2,000 n/a  n/a 950 $9,039.00
S-118-FF 26 3/4  42  3 3/8 118 2,000  1,500 n/a 1,137 $10,698.00
Battery Options
AGM-UPG-2-12V AGM Battery (2x12V) must be purchased with new unit 80 $871.00
‌S-DK ‌Optional solid platform ‌40 $273.00

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