Aircraft Towbars may be used for repositioning aircraft in and out of the hangar or moving them around on the flight line, tarmac, and maintenance area. Aircraft Tow bars are also a necessity for pushbacks, which are usually performed by tugs. Each aircraft type has a unique tow fitting, so the tow bar also acts as an adapter between the standard-sized tow pin on the tug and the type-specific fitting on the aircraft's landing gear. Fabrication Authorities International, LLC. offers a variety of towbars and towheads to fit every aircraft model. The design and manufacture of high quality aircraft tow bars has become one of our key competences. With our wide range of specially designed adapter heads, our tow bars can be easily adapted to meet customer requirements.

Fabrication Authorities International, LLC. offers tow bars for narrow and wide-body aircraft, both large and small. On heavy tow bars for large aircraft, the towbars come equipped with wheels attached to a hydraulic jacking mechanism. This feature helps to lift the towbar to the correct height to mate to both the airplane and the tug. Most of our Aircraft Towbars come with a shear pin, which prevents the aircraft from being mishandled by the tug—when overstressed the shear pin will snap, disconnecting the bar from the nose gear to prevent damage to either the aircraft or the tug.

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