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Aluminum Grip-Strut Walk Ramps

Our Aluminum Grip Strut Walk Ramp enables delivery men, shippers, and receivers to load and unload trucks when docks are unavailable. Ramps feature a 11⁄2" high safety curb on each side. Heavy duty steel chains with steel grab hooks are attached to each side of ramp for safely securing ramp to truck. Constructed of strong aluminum alloy with non-skid tread surface. 

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Aluminum Grip-Strut Walk Ramps

 Our Aluminum Grip-Strut Walk Ramps allow loading and unloading of trucks when docks are unavailable. The open deck design allows snow, ice and water to fall through ramp providing a positive grip for delivery men, shippers and receivers. 100% welded aluminum construction is light-weight and will not rust.

 Ramps feature a 2" high safety curb on each side. Overlap style end lip rests on trailer bed and provides smooth transition. Each unit includes two safety chains to connect ramp to trailer for safety. Easy to install bolt-on handrailing option gives ramp users more stability and security.

 The ramp is lightweight and easy to handle. Available in either an overlapping style that rests on the truck bed, suffix "A", or steel hook style that mounts onto the truck extensions, suffix "B".   

**All measurements in the table below are represented in inches, pounds and $USD.

Aluminum Grip Strut Walk Ramps

Usable Length


4-Wheel Cart Cap

2-Wheel Cart Cap


 Height Range

Model #




28"W / 26" Usable Width
73-1/4" 2800 2000 43 6" 21" AWR-G-28-6A $477.00
85" 2800 1800 45 6" 25" AWR-G-28-7A $524.00
96-3/4" 2500 1650 48 6" 29" AWR-G-28-8A $578.00
108-1/2" 2500 1600 51 6" 33" AWR-G-28-9A $617.00
120-1/4" 2200 1500 53 6" 38" AWR-G-28-10A $671.00
143-3/4" 1900 1400 58 6" 46" AWR-G-28-12A $809.00
167-1/4" 1600 1200 64 6" 56" AWR-G-28-14A $880.00
190-3/4" 1000 1000 69 6" 62" AWR-G-28-16A $1,1012.00
38"W / 36" Usable Width
73-1/4" 2800 2000 49 6" 21" AWR-G-38-6A $561.00
85" 2800 1800 53 6" 25" AWR-G-38-7A $612.00
96-3/4" 2500 1650 57 6" 29" AWR-G-38-8A $675.00
108-1/2" 2500 1600 61 6" 33" AWR-G-38-9A $725.00
120-1/4" 2200 1500 65 6" 38" AWR-G-38-10A $837.00
143-3/4" 1900 1400 72 6" 46" AWR-G-38-12A $935.00
167-1/4" 1600 1000 80 6" 56" AWR-G-38-14A $1,110.00
190-3/4" 1000 1000 88 6" 62" AWR-G-38-16A $1,215.00


   Adjustable height wheel option  AWR-WHL $414.00
   Ramp cart option  AWR-R-CART $152.00
   2 Ft aluminum bolt-on handrail  AWR-HR-2A $200.00
   3 Ft aluminum bolt-on handrail AWR-HR-3A $222.00


Optional Features:

Adjustable Height Wheel Option, model AWR-WHL is ideal for use with longer walk ramps. Height is adjusted with a manual hand crank mechanism. Wheels are 10" x 31⁄2" pneumatic and are located at balance points on ramp allowing for one-person positioning.  Simple bolt-on installation may be added to any aluminum walk ramp 8 feet or longer.  Minimum ramp lowered height with this option is 12". Walk ramp sold separately. 

Ramp Cart Option, model AWR-R-CART, provides for easy one-person ramp positioning and transportation. Pull handle up to vertical position to rotate and lock wheels in down position to allow for easy ramp movement. Push handle down to unlock and lift wheels so ramp can be used to service lower trailers. Pneumatic wheels are 10" x 31⁄2". Minimum ramp service height is 14" with this option. Easy bolt-on installation. Walk ramp sold separately

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