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Removable Aluminum Stairways

These Removable Aluminum Stairways are used in many commercial industries for temporary access stairways, but may also be permanently installed. They are available in a variety of sizes to suit your needs, custom options and designs upon request. The aluminum construction is paint free, non-magnetic, non-corrosive, and non-sparking. These aluminum stairways are OSHA and ANSI compliant.

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Removable Aluminum Stairways

Our Removable Aluminum Stairways may provide the answer you've been looking for for your access solution! These fixed aluminum stairways may be permanently installed, or affixed temporarily but securely.

Our Aluminum Stairs may be custom fabricated for specific applications and lengths!

Removable Aluminum Stairways

Removable Aluminum Stairways

Adaptable for either portable or permanent use, these pre-fabricated all aluminum stairways are equipped with a sturdy, detachable handrail on both sides and mounting bracket. Also included is a Removable Aluminum Stairway mounting booklet for ease of installation.

This industrial aluminum stairway is perfect for industrial, construction, and marine applications. The aluminum construction is rugged and non-corrosive to withstand the elements and needs no additional paint or finishing.


 • Durable aluminum construction  • 500 lbs. capacity
 • Standard approach angle is 45°  • Handrail height is 24"
 • Landing platforms are available  • Standard lengths: 4'-20'
 • OSHA and ANSI compliant design  • Stairway tread width: 29-1/4"
 • 7"D Ribbed non-skid stair treads with 8"H riser   • Stairway overall width: is 34-1/2"


 Our lightweight yet durable Removable Aluminum Stairways have been adapted for a variety of waterfront applications where it's portability and virtually maintenance-free features are best utilized.

Removable Aluminum Stairways

Removable Aluminum Stairways

Removable Aluminum Stairways


Our 20' aluminum marine stairway unit weighs approximately 215 pounds, yet supports loads in excess of 500 pounds! It can be easily carried and installed by two individuals. Corrosion-resistant aluminum puts an end to the problems of painting and the danger of rotting. Its lifetime attractiveness will add immeasurably to the value and enjoyment of any waterfront property.


Removable Aluminum Stairways

A - Rise   B - Run   C - Length   D - Width   E - Step Rise

**All measurements in the table below are represented in inches, feet, pounds and $USD.

Removable Aluminum Stairway

# Steps Overall
 Model # A
 Weight  Price



AS-4 2' 10" 2' 10" 4'
51 $854.00
6 AS-6 4' 3" 4' 3" 6' 70 $1,186.00
8 AS-8 5' 8" 5' 8" 8' 85 $1,401.00
10 AS-10 7' 7' 10' 107  $1,681.00
12 AS-12 8' 6"  8' 6" 12' 128 $1,984.00
14 AS-14  9' 11" 9' 11" 14' 149 $2,256.00
16 AS-16 11' 4" 11' 4" 16' 170 $2,539.00
18 AS-18 12' 9" 12' 9"  18' 191  $2,800.00
20 AS-20 14' 2" 14' 2" 20' 212 $3,072.00
 Model # Description    Price
AS-AL  Adjustable Legs (2)   $113.00
AS-SK  Stairway Rail Splice Kit $63.00
AS-LM  Lifting Mechanism $1,021.00
AS-WPA  36" X 42" Wall Platform with Handrail $1,344.00

Options & Accessories:

Removable Aluminum Stairways

Removable Aluminum Stairways

• Leveling Legs • Lifting mechanism and Wall Platform Assembly •

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