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Fabrication Authorities International offers a variety of different types and sizes of dockboards to suit your needs.

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Fabrication Authorities International offers a variety of different types and sizes of dockboards. Manufactured in compliance with OSHA.


 Aluminum Dockboards (with Welded Aluminum Curbs) - MODEL = BTA - (capacity)(width)(length)

Aluminum Dockboard with Aluminum Curb Model# BTA-05005448The Aluminum Truck Dockboard is engineered and built to maximize safety while handling heavy fork trucks and loads. The beveled edge is designed for smooth entry and exit.  Locking legs prevent movement during loading and unloading operations.

Locking legs are uneven to allow the dockboard to sit canted, while not in use, for easier pickup by fork trucks. Welded aluminum safety curbs prevent accidental runoffs and provide visible driving lane. When using three-wheeled fork trucks order dockboard with capacity at least four times the lifting capacity of fork truck. The width of the dockboard should be at least 15" wider than the load or equipment passing between the curbs. Bend is 11° and 9" from the edge and the legs are 12" from the edge. Call for pricing!


Aluminum Dockboard (with Steel Curbs)

Aluminum Dockboard with Steel Curb Model# TAS-10-5436

This dockboard is designed for portability and safety. Deck is made of tough high strength aluminum treadplate. Safety curbs have a  baked in yellow powder coated finish for added toughness and are constructed of structural steel with cast tapered ends. Steel legs are bolted on for increased durability. 

Canted locking legs for easier fork truck portability. Manufactured in compliance of OSHA. When using three-wheeled fork trucks order dockboard with capacity at least four-times the lifting capacity of fork truck. Features include:  Beveled Edges for Smooth Entry & Exit, Treadplate Design Ensures Positive Traction, Bend is 11° and 9" from Beveled Edge and Legs are 11" from Beveled Edge.


**All measurements in the table below are represented in inches, pounds and $USD.

  Aluminum Truck Dockboards with Steel Curbs
 Model#   Width  Length   Height Diff.  Weight  
 10,000 lbs. Capacity    
TAS-10-6036  60  36  5 105  $796.00
TAS-10-6048  60  48  7 129  $1,006.00
TAS-10-6060  60  60 10 160  $1,242.00
TAS-10-6072 ‌60 ‌72 ‌12 220 $1,547.00
TAS-10-7236 7‌2 ‌36 ‌5 110 $982.00
TAS-10-7248 ‌72 ‌48 ‌7 157 $1,160.00
TAS-10-7260 ‌72 ‌60 ‌10 223 $1,465.00
TAS-10-7272 ‌72 ‌72 ‌12 231 $3,842.00
15,000 lbs. Capacity  
 Model#   Width  Length   Height Diff.  Weight  Price 
TAS-15-6036 ‌60 36 ‌5 107 $962.00
TAS-15-6048 ‌60 48 ‌7 146 $1,253.00
TAS-15-6060 ‌60 60 ‌10 218 $1,801.00
TAS-15-6072 ‌60 72 ‌12 251 $1,843.00
TAS-15-7236 ‌72 36 ‌5 123 $972.00
TAS-15-7248 ‌72 48 ‌7 191 $1,456.00
TAS-15-7260 ‌72 60 ‌10 238 $1,919.00
TAS-15-7272 ‌72 72 ‌12 305 $4,065.00
20,000 lbs. Capacity
 Model#   Width  Length   Height Diff.  Weight  Price 
TAS-20-6036 ‌60 3‌6 5‌ 110 $932.00
TAS-20-6048 ‌60 4‌8 7‌ 186 $1,273.00
TAS-20-6060 ‌60 6‌0 ‌10 218 $2,014.00
TAS-20-6072 ‌60 7‌2 ‌12 272 $2,207.00
TAS-20-7236 7‌2 ‌36 ‌5 123 $1,047.00
TAS-20-7248 7‌2 ‌48 ‌7 191 $1,539.00
TAS-20-7260 ‌72 6‌0 ‌10 253 $2,094.00
TAS-20-7272 ‌72 ‌72 ‌12 295 $4,216.00
Aluminum Dockboard Accessories
Model # Description Price
LC-TAS-48-66 ‌ Lifting Chains 48"W x 66"W $72.00
LC-TAS-72-84 ‌ Lifting Chains 72"W x 84"W $81.00
SSL ‌Sliding Span Locks (BTA Only) $126.00
SP ‌ Span Pins & Holes (4 Holes per side) $83.00
RPL-ALUM ‌Removable Pickup Loops $78.00
HOLE ‌ Extra Span Holes $9.00
PIN ‌ Extra Span Pins $5.00
ALL ‌ Lever-lift $87.00
SBL ‌ Special Bend Location $47.00
ATC-12 ‌ Anti-Theft Chain (144”) $40.00


Aluminum Hand Truck Dockboard

Aluminum Hand Truck Dockboard Model# AHTD-3648

These dockboards are lightweight and can be carried and positioned by one person. Provides a safe and convenient bridge between dock and truck. Welded aluminum diamond tread surface and beveled edges provide safe and smooth entry and exit. The bend is designed to keep ramp edges flush with dock surface and truck floor.

Equipped with bolted locking legs. Full length aluminum curbs provide hand holds and reduce chance of roll off. 800 pound capacity. Designed for use with two wheel hand trucks. 3/16" plate thickness. Manufactured in compliance with OSHA. The bend or crown is 12° and located 6" from edge of dockplate.

**All measurements in the table below are represented in inches, pounds and $USD. 

Aluminum Hand Truck Dockboard
Model # Width Overall
Weight Price
Overall Usable
AHTD-3036 ‌31-1/4 28‌ ‌35-7/8 ‌5 ‌34 $364.00 
AHTD-3048 ‌31-1/4 28‌ ‌47-7/8 ‌7 4‌5 ‌contact for pricing 
AHTD-3648 ‌37-1/4 ‌34 ‌47-7/8 ‌7 5‌1 ‌contact for pricing 
AHTD-3660 ‌37-1/4 34‌ 59-7/8‌ ‌10 6‌4 $649.00 
AHTD-3672 ‌37-1/4 ‌34 ‌71-7/8 ‌13 ‌77 ‌contact for pricing 
AHTD-3696 ‌37-1/4 ‌34 ‌95-7/8 ‌19 ‌101 ‌contact for pricing 
Aluminum Handtruck Dockboard Options
Model#  Description Price
SDP  Smooth Deck Plate (Diamond side down with grip tape) $146.00
SBL  Special Bend Location $47.00
SLL  Special Location of Legs $26.00
ATC-12  Anti-Theft Chain (144") $40.00
LHDL  Extra Pair of Legs with Handles & Hardware $34.00


Steel Dockboard

Steel Dockboard Model# TS-10-6042Steel Dockboards - Model = TS-(capacity)-(width)(length)

Constructed of high strength (55,000 PSI) Steel for long life. Beveled edges on both ends permit smooth entry and exit. Deck is diamond plated for safe efficient use. Locking legs minimize ramp movement. Available in widths of 60", 72" & 84". Capacities range from 10,000 to 25,000. Standard with lever lift for help with portability; optional pickup chains. Locking legs are uneven to allow the dockboard to sit canted for easier pickup by forklifts, when picking off the floor.


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