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Retractable Ladder

The Retractable Ladder features deployment handles at each point of access, stainless steel counter balance springs, and requires less than 5 lbs of force to deploy. Virtually maintenance-free, easy to install, ships unassembled and takes two men two hours to install. Ladder can be left or right handed. Call for a professional consultation and pricing.

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Retractable Ladder 

Our Retractable Ladders are manufactured from extruded anodized aluminum and stainless steel. This construction permanently avoids rust and corrosion while providing maintenance-free operation. The Stainless Steel attachment bolts prevent rust or corrosion while the Stainless Steel Base plate prevents scratching, rust and corrosion. An Extruded Aluminum Safety Rail adds safety and security during ascent or descent and enables assistance, if required. Stainless steel pivot pins with Teflon bushings prevent metal on metal contact and also prevents rust and corrosion.

This ladder has two main features to help prevent unauthorized access:  it collapses to look like a drainpipe, and has a patented opening mechanism. It may be designed to go as high as 100’ (higher if needed) and opened is only 24” wide with a 14” wide safety rail for added security. It meets ANSI and OSHA standards and requires less than 5 pounds of force to deploy the entire ladder. This folding ladder has a cap to prevent water from entering ladder column.

Retractable Ladder

The mounting bracket attaches ladder to wall while allowing ladder to stand as a column directly on the ground. The Retractable Ladder requires no special wall reinforcement or through-bolting since it does not hang on the building.

A custom masonry expansion bolt or lag screw for frame or stucco is included. Stainless Steel attachment bolts prevent rust or corrosion.

The Retractable Ladder can be configured in heights up to 100 ft. (higher if needed).  Stainless steel pivot pins with Teflon bushings prevent metal on metal contact and prevent rust and corrosion. Extruded Aluminum Safety Rail adds safety and security during ascent or descent and enables assistance, if required.


Retractable Ladder


Two foot wide rungs with slip-resistant ribbed surface were tested by Underwriter's Laboratories with a 1,000 lb. static load for one hour without breaking. Individual rungs are counterweighted with stainless steel springs to allow the ladder to be easily closed regardless of height. Extruded Anodized Aluminum construction permanently avoids rust and corrosion providing maintenance-free operation.


Retractable Ladder

Model # Top Rung Height Installed Height Weight Attachment Points Price


8' 10"

11' 4"





11' 10"

14' 3"





13' 9"

16' 3"





15' 9"

18' 3"





18' 8"

21' 2"





21' 8"

24' 1"





23' 7"

26' 1"





25' 7"

28' 1"





28' 7"

31' 0"





31' 6"

33' 11"





33' 6"

35' 11"





35' 5"

37' 11"





38' 5"

40' 10"





41' 4"

43' 10"





Retractable LadderRetractable LadderRetractable Ladder - Cross Section View   

Basic Use: Supplementary means of egress for emergency exit or rescue or for permanent roof access on outside walls where space or unauthorized access are concerns. On inside walls, provides access to rooftop hatches while being unobtrusive.
Composition and Materials: Fixed and mobile vertical ladder stiles are extruded aluminum sections formed from 6063-T6 alloy. Non-slip tubular rungs are formed from 6005-T5 and T6 aluminum alloy. Pivot pins, counter-weighting springs, attachment bolts, and base plate are stainless steel. Balcony is fabricated of 6063 T-6 aluminum alloy. Fasteners are stainless steel. Ladder is connected to the structure with U-shaped brackets of 6063-T6 aluminum alloy. Wall brackets are adjustable and are pre-punched for a 1/2 inch custom expansion bolt (provided) or other fasteners depending on exterior construction.
Color: The Retractable Ladder & Balcony is available in standard anodized aluminum finish, may be painted on-site to blend into any exterior, or special ordered in custom colors.
Sizes: The Retractable Ladder is available in standard sizes up to 100 ft. (higher if needed). Balconies are available in standard and custom sizes.

Evaluated by BOCA and ICBO evaluation services, and recognized as a supplemental escape device for use up to 30 feet under Appendices of Uniform Building and Fire Codes, and as a ladder device to provide access to mechanical equipment as required by the Uniform Mechanical Code. Test reports are available on request.

Requires two men approximately three hours to install ladder with no section weighing over 50 lbs. Ladder stands as a column directly on the ground and is attached at approximately 5 ft. intervals. Ladder is shipped disassembled with assembly required. It is a simple, two person, three hour installation.

Retractable Ladder Installation Graphic


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