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Roll-n-Fold Ladder

Our Roll-N-Fold Ladder is a versatile, portable steel safety ladder. This ladder can be used in a variety of commercial environments and folds easily for transporting. Three tread options are available: Expanded (Standard), Serrated and Perforated treads.

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Roll-n-Fold Ladder 

6500 Series Ladder

Our Roll-n-Fold Ladder is a portable steel safety ladder that can be quickly and easily folded for transporting. Folding only requires removal of (2-4) bolts. The rear of the ladder has (2) large 10" diameter semi-pneumatic casters allowing it to roll easily even over rough or uneven terrain. (2) Large, non-marring rubber pads on the front legs hold the ladder secure during use. The ladder is moved by tilting and rolling it like a wheelbarrow. Tread options include: Expanded metal tread (A1) is standard while Perforated tread (A6) will be the same price as expanded or Serrated tread (A3) is available for more aggressive needs.


 • 450 lbs. capacity   • 16"W treads
 • Platform size:16"W x 10"D  • 59° Climbing angle
 • (2)10" semi-pneumatic tires  • Optional 20"D Platform 
 • Built to OSHA and ANSI standards  • Standard Expanded metal tread 
 • Powder coat gray finish  • Manufactured with rigid 1" OD tubing
 • 30" or 42" handrails; depending on platform height  • Safe Lock device standard on 10-16 step ladders


Folding ladders prove to be useful in modern industrial facilities and even in the office. When not in use, they may be stored neatly and conveniently. This helps to maintaining a clutter free facility.

Tread Options:
(A1) Expanded Tread       (A3) Grip Strut Tread

Roll-N-Fold Ladder Expanded Tread  Roll-N-Fold Ladder Grip Strut Tread

**All measurements in the table below are represented in inches, pounds and $USD.

Roll-N-Fold Ladder (10"D Platform)
# Steps Height Open Base
Weight Expanded Tread
Serrated Tread
Top Step Over all W L W L H Model #  Price  Model # Price
5 50  80 30 46  32 86 24 95 6505R1830A1 $841.00 6505R1830A3 $923.00
6 60 90 30 53   32 98 24 114 6506R1830A1 $912.00 6506R1830A3 $1,014.00
7 70  100 30 58   32 110 24 126 6507R1830A1 $974.00  6507R1830A3 $1,092.00 
8 80  110 30 65  32 122 24 140 6508R1830A1 $1,047.00 6508R1830A3 $1,194.00
9 90  120 30 72  32 134 24 152 6509R1830A1 $1,117.00 6509R1830A3 $1,280.00
10 100  130 30 78   32 146 24 183 6510R1830A1 $1,429.00 6510R1830A3 $1,614.00
11 110  140 30 86  32 158 24 195 6511R1830A1 $1,486.00 6511R1830A3 $1,690.00 
12 120  162 30 92   32 176 36 309 6512R1830A1* $1,636.00 6512R1830A3* $1,859.00 
13 130  172 40 99   42 188 36 344 6513R1840A1* $1,796.00 6513R1840A3* $2,038.00 
14 140  182 40 106  42 200 36 363 6514R1840A1* $1,868.00 6514R1840A3* $2,127.00 
15 150  192  40 112  42 212 36 385 6515R1840A1* $1,947.00 6515R1840A3* $2,224.00 
16 160  202 40 119   42 224 36 405 6516R1840A1* $2,011.00 6516R1840A3* $2,313.00 
*Pallet required for shipment, please add $77.00 to price of ladder.



Option  Image Description Model # Price
20"D Platform Option_E20 The top platform is standard 10"D x 16"W, with an optional 20"D top step upgrade  (Add E20 after model number) See table below
Safe-lock Option Option_B4 Weight activated locking mechanism. Stepping on the bottom stem lowers the trip bar and drops rubber tipped legs to the floor (Add B4 after model number) Add $236.00 to price of ladder.
Folding Work shelf Option_G1 The dimensions are 10"D x 16"W. Fixed or folding models available and hardware is included.  (Add G1 after model number) Add $135.00 to price of ladder.
Wire Basket  Option_F1 The dimensions of this removable wire basket with hooks option are 12"W x 18"L x 5"D (Add F1 after model number) Add $318.00 to price of ladder.


Price is represented in the table below in $USD.

Roll-N-Fold Ladder (20"D Platform)
Expanded Tread (A1) Serrated Tread (A3)
Model #  Price Model # Price
6505R1830A1E20 $979.00 6505R1830A3E20 $1,070.00
6506R1830A1E20 $1,035.00 6506R1830A3E20 $1,146.00
6507R1830A1E20 $1,114.00 6507R1830A3E20 $1,244.00
6508R1830A1E20 $1,191.00 6508R1830A3E20 $1,340.00
6509R1830A1E20 $1,258.00 6509R1830A3E20 $1,433.00
6510R1830A1E20 $1,570.00 6510R1830A3E20 $1,761.00
6511R1830A1E20 $1,629.00 6511R1830A1E20 $1,842.00
6512R1830A1E20* $1,830.00 6512R1830A3E20* $2,061.00
6513R1830A1E20* $2,011.00 6513R1830A3E20* $2,256.00
6514R1830A1E20* $2,087.00 6514R1830A3E20* $2,345.00
6515R1830A1E20* $2,156.00 6515R1830A3E20* $2,434.00
6516R1830A1E20* $2,232.00 6516R1830A3E20* $2,534.00
*Pallet required for shipment, please add $77.00 to price of ladder.


Fabrication Authorities International can custom fabricate virtually any type of Folding Ladder to meet your needs. Our expertise includes in-house research and development, fully integrated manufacturing and an extensive materials line. With years of design, engineering and manufacturing experience, our dedicated staff can assist you from concept to completion in a timely fashion. All of our folding rolling ladders are made in the USA and meet OSHA and ANSI 3124 standards.


Please call for additional options or custom designs.
Fabrication Authorities International, LLC. Is your new “total access” solution.
We can customize most Industrial Maintenance Platforms to your specific needs. 
Please call (877) 324-9990 or (727) 324-4620 or (727) FAI-INC-0.
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