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Dock Seal and Shelter Combo

Our Loading Dock Seals combine the advantage of low cost and excellent sealing action and are designed for maximum energy savings with long-lasting features. We offer two models for an 8'W x 8'H door, and a 8'W x 9'H door.

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Dock Seals / Shelter Combo

The loading dock is one of the most neglected areas of many businesses, but it is also one of the most important. Without the proper loading dock equipment, you can't get raw materials in or finished products out of your warehouse or production facility. Fabrication Authorities International is proud to offer our line of dock seal and shelter combos. All products are designed to improve safety, protect merchandise, reduce cost and improve security at your loading dock.

Dock Seals



  • Combines the advantage of low cost and excellent sealing action
  • Designed for maximum energy savings with long-lasting features
  • Guards against outside conditions, including insects, pests, & other variables 
  • Solves your environmental control needs
  • Improve internal temperature and worker environment
  • Product and packaging protection from outside elements
  • Provides employee safety as well as reducing pilfering at the loading bay


The Dock Seal/Shelter Combination is used with a 96"W x 120"H door. The top header is constructed of wolmanized lumber and is built with a slope to allow for water run-off. Header measures 114"W with a 30"L drop curtain. Side (verticals) measure 120" tall and contain high density foam mounted to treated lumber. The verticals are mounted on wooden boards (the face of the vertical measures 12"W and tapers to 9-1/2" at wall) allowing wall mounting down the length of the vertical pieces. Application with flush dock to building in conjunction with an Edge-O-Dock use a 20" projection Dock Seal. To ensure proper size complete and fax the survey sheet shown below. Units are non-returnable.


Dock Seal/Shelter Combo
Model #  PDF Projection Overall Size Weight  Price
D-150/650-10 10" 114 126 192 $1,261.00
D-150/650-11 11"  254 $1,292.00
D-150/650-12 12" 206 $1,317.00
D-150/650-13 13" 287 $1,346.00
D-150/650-14 14" 211 $1,396.00
D-150/650-15 15" 265 $1,425.00
D-150/650-16 16" 217 $1,448.00
D-150/650-17 17" 230 $1,460.00
D-150/650-18 18" 218 $1,487.00
D-150/650-19 19" 221 $1,503.00
D-150/650-20 20" 223 $1,525.00


What Do I Need ? Do I need a Dock Seal or a Dock Shelter?

Dock seals offer the greatest sealing efficiency by providing a tight compression seal around the trailer top and sides. The tradeoff is that full access to trailer openings is restricted by the cushion padding that protrudes into the opening, and the seals, due to great pressure and friction, are subject to extreme wear. Dock seals are also suited best to smaller door openings and consistent truck sizes.

Dock shelters give a complete unobstructed access to the truck trailer beds, but usually do not seal as tightly as a dock seal. Dock shelters provide greater versatility by handling incoming trucks with a variety of sizes and configurations, including tailgates or other extensions. Shelters can also fit larger door openings and are subject to less damage from pressure and friction.

There are a variety of options that can help a seal wear more durably in a high traffic dock area. Our experienced commercial & industrial dock solution providers can help guide you to the right selection for your situation and applications.

Our experienced sales technicians will analyze your operation and help you look at options, including: upgraded vinyl fabric, rain shields (installed above a dock seal to prevent water from entering the building), wear pleats, ect. We can help you obtain all the benefits and advantages of efficient dock seal solutions, including maintenance and repair cost reduction, maximum up time for your dock operation, and a solid return on your investment.


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