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U Design Rooftop Platforms

The U Design line of products was developed to meet the needs of individual customers. Its modular design allows for custom functionality to a variety of applications. Proper ladder selection is integral in the assurance of a safe work environment, to which these products meet ANSI and OSHA standards.

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U Design Rooftop Platforms

 Most commercial buildings locate their ductwork, cable trays, plumbing, HVAC units, and other large, cumbersome equipment on rooftops. Placing these critical systems in such an isolated area can help protect your important machinery from accidents by untrained professionals, free up valuable interior space, and reduce noise pollution.

 Over time, constant foot traffic and weight can damage a roof’s protective outer membrane, making it susceptible to problems like water ingress that can threaten your building’s infrastructure. Furthermore, it can be hazardous for building and maintenance professionals to work on these systems at such great heights—especially if they’re relying on unsecured ladders and other temporary structures to reach equipment. With so many perils, it’s no surprise roofing accidents account for more than one-third of all fatalities in the construction industry.

 To give workers safe and easy access to rooftop equipment and systems while also preserving the structural integrity of your commercial roof, it’s vital you invest in reliable rooftop walkway platforms. Whether you need a single-access platform or you’re looking to create a full rooftop walkway design from scratch, our team of experts will help you build the most efficient and effective setup possible.

 Our U Design Rooftop Platforms allows you to easily create OSHA compliant and safe multi-directional access over pipes or any other rooftop obstacles. Standard parts below are manufactured in the highest quality aluminum for corrosion resistance, but we can also create these designs in FRP composite construction. Our special support feet distribute weight to prevent damage to roof membranes. You can select the parts needed to create your own specially configured U-Design rooftop platform by following the steps below the features table.



 • OSHA and ANSI compliant designs  • Grip Strut tread surface
 • 1”x 2“ Aluminum rectangular tube construction  • 500 lbs. rated capacity
 • Clearance height is 2.5” less than platform height  • 42”H guardrail height
 • Non-Penetrating caddy feet – distributes weight evenly  • 36”W Steps and bridge spans
 • 40”L bridge span that can be combined to create up to 120” uninhibited clearance length



Step 1: Select Ladders by Height and Incline

Choose the right ladders by determining your required height clearance, then select the ladder that has a greater clearance height from the table at right. Ladders offered in three different inclines to accommodate different available floor spaces.


***All measurements in the tables below are represented by inches, pounds and $USD.

Rooftop Platforms - Ladders

50 Degree Incline
Example # Steps

Top Step




Step Size Overall Model #  Price
W D Height Width
2 20" 17.5" 36" 9.5" 62" 46.25" URTL502 $943.00
3 30" 27.5" 72" 52.75" URTL503 $1,462.00
4 40" 37.5" 82" URTL504 $1,673.00
5 50" 47.5" 92" URTL505 $1,982.00
6 60" 57.5" 102" URTL506 $2,238.00
90 Degree Incline
2 20" 17.5" 24" 1.625” 62" 52.25” URTL902 $1,241.00
3 30" 27.5" 72" URTL903 $1,426.00
4 40" 37.5" 82" URTL904 $1,548.00
5 50" 47.5" 92" URTL905 $1,620.00
6 60" 57.5" 102" URTL906 $1,775.00


Step 2: Select the Quantity of Bridge Span Platforms

Bridge Spans: Combine up to a total of 120” uninhibited span clearance length. Longer spans require Support Legs.

Rooftop Platforms - Bridge Span





Model #  Price
Walkway Overall
40" 38" 42" URTSB36 $1,035.00


Step 3: Select the Configuration

Turn platforms allow you to create various configurations other than a straight crossover. These configurations and the number of turn platforms required are shown to the right. Nearly limitless combinations are available.

Rooftop Platforms - Turn Platforms Configurations

Rooftop Platforms - Turn Platforms


For Step







Overall Size

Model #   Price
Width  Length Height Width
2 20" 17.5" 36" 40" 62" 52.75” URTTP20 $1,350.00
3 30" 27.5" 72" URTTP30 $1,356.00
4 40" 37.5" 82" URTTP40 $1,363.00
5 50" 47.5" 92" URTTP50 $1,370.00
6 60" 57.5" 102" URTTP60 $1,378.00


Rooftop Platforms - Guardrails

Example Description Model # Price

 Kit includes guardrail, mid-rail, toeboard and hardware to close any walkway opening.

Must be paired with a Leg Kit.

URTRK1 $229.00


Rooftop Platforms - Leg Kit


For Step Sizes

Model # Price
2 URTSL20 $316.00
3 URTSL30 $323.00
4 URTSL40 $329.00
5 URTSL50 $337.00
6 URTSL60 $345.00


 Fabrication Authorities International can customize a U Design Rooftop Platform to suit your individual needs. Our expertise includes in-house research and development, fully integrated manufacturing and an extensive materials line. With years of design, engineering and manufacturing experience, our dedicated staff can assist you from concept to completion in a timely fashion. All of our crossover platforms are made in the USA and meet OSHA 1910 and ANSI 3124 standards.


Please call for additional options or custom designs.
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We can customize most Industrial Maintenance Platforms to your specific needs. 
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