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Truck Jib Crane

Installed in your pick-up truck bed, our Winch Operated Truck Jib Crane will help lift loads up to 2,000 lbs. Lift items from ground to truck bed height, then easily and efficiently rotate your products into cargo area. This model includes telescopic boom design with manual hydraulic hand pump to pivot the boom up and down.

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Truck Jib Crane 

Proper material handling is essential to moving your products and goods. Protect your investments with high-quality material handling equipment from Fabrication Authorities International. Our material handling equipment is used to increase output, control costs, and maximize productivity.

Winch Operated Truck Crane Jib


This Winch Operated Truck Jib Crane is Installed in your pick-up truck bed and will help lift loads up to 1,000 pounds.

Lift items from ground to truck bed height, then rotate into cargo area. Includes telescopic boom design with manual hydraulic hand pump to pivot boom up and down. Three finishes to choose from.

Manual cable winch to lift and lower loads up to 500 pounds. Friction brake winch locks automatically when operator turns the handle counterclockwise to lower load. Cable usable length for all models is 24', except WTJ-2 (9' model WTJ-2).  Unit comes with one fixed hook, one chain slot lock, and one cable hook with latch. The crane swivels on a 360° base. Safety yellow, galvanized or stainless steel finish available. Welded steel construction. 12V DC power option available.


  • Manual cable winch (with ¼" cable diameter) 
  • Mounting plate is 10½" by 10½"
  • Base height is 12½"
  • Overall height is 56"
  • Crane swivels on a 360° base
  • Safety yellow, all welded construction
  • Unit comes with one grab hook, one chain slot lock, and one sling hook with latch  

Winch Operated Truck Jib Crane Model WTJ-2

Winch Operated Truck Jib Crane Model WTJ-2 

**All measurements in table below are represented in inches, pounds and $USD.

Truck Jib Crane

Model # Operation Boom Capacity Boom
Hook Lift
Weight Price
Min Max
  Safety Yellow Finish
 WTJ-2 Hand Pump Extended  500 54 0 102 135  $355.00 
Retracted 1,000 30-1/4 10 89-1/2
WTJ-4 Hand Pump   Extended 1,000 44 0 86-1/2 145 $376.00 
Retracted 2,000 30 13-1/2 77-1/2
WTJ-2-DC 12V DC  Extended 500 54  0 102 160   $807.00
Retracted 1,000 30-1/4 10 89-1/2
WTJ-4-DC 12V DC Extended 1,000 44 0 86-1/2 170 $889.00  
Retracted 2,000 30 13-1/2 77-1/2
  Galvanized Finish         
WTJ-2-G Hand Pump   Extended 500 52 0 86 134


Retracted 1,000 30-1/2 15-1/8 72
WTJ-4-G Hand Pump  Extended 1,000 52  0 85-7/8  218 $575.00 
Retracted 2,000 31 15-1/2 74-1/2
WTJ-2-G-DC  12V DC  Extended 500 52 0 86 165   $983.00  
Retracted 1,000  30-1/2 15-1/8 72
WTJ-4-G-DC  12V DC  Extended 1,000 52 85-7/8  245 $999.00  
Retracted 2,000 31 15-182 74-1/2
  Stainless Steel Construction         
WTJ-4-SS  Hand Pump   Extended 1,000 52  0 85-7/8 214 $1,806.00
Retracted 2,000 31 15-1/2 74-1/2

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