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Electric Hydraulic Scissor Lift Table

Our electric hydraulic scissor lift tables are an efficient solution to lifting, transporting and positioning loads and are utilized by all types of manufacturing and warehouse facilities.  The table is raised to the perfect working height which increases productivity and reduces worker strain.  

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Electric Hydraulic Scissor Lift Tables 

These full featured Electric Hydraulic Scissor Lift Tables are used by all types of manufacturing and warehouse facilities.

Electric Hydraulic Scissor Lift Tables Model# EHLT-48-4-43



Electric Hydraulic Scissor Lift Tables

Safety features include: electric toe guard to protect pinch points during lowering of the table, internal brass velocity fuse to maintain platform height in event of hose or fitting failure, 24V AC pushbutton hand control, maintenance prop, and upper travel limit switch to stop table at maximum height.  2HP, 460V, 3 phase, 60 Hz totally enclosed motor standard, other voltages available. 3000 psi hydraulic component rating.



Safety Features:

 • 24V AC push-button hand control  • Maintenance prop
 • Electric toe guard to protect pinch points during lowering of the table
 • Brass velocity fuse to maintain platform height regardless of hydraulic pressure
 • Upper travel limit switch to stop table at maximum height reducing motor wear.
 • 2HP, 460V, 3 phase, 60 Hz totally enclosed motor standard, other voltages available
 • 3000 psi hydraulic component rating


Standard Features:

 • Internal brass velocity fuse  • 2HP 56 frame electric motor
 • Displacement style hydraulic cylinder  • Hinged maintenance prop
 • Adjustable upper travel 24V limit switch  • New improved robust heavy capacity tables
 • State-of-the-art lifetime lubricate bearings
 • Fused 24 V Hand Held Pendant Control on 8 ft. cord
 • New improved pressure plated pump & manifold system
 • Patented Pinch Point Perimeter Guards for OSHA Compliance


Electric Hydraulic Scissor Lift Tables EHLT-2448-3-43  Electric Hydraulic Scissor Lift Tables Control  Narrow Electric Hydraulic Scissor Lift Tables EHLT-N-1648-2-32


Electric Hydraulic Scissor Lift Tables

 Model # Platform Height  Capacity Weight   Price  
W L Lowered Raised
 EHLT-2448-3-43  24 48 







 700  $3,828.00
 EHLT-3060-3-43  30 60  725  $3,828.00
 EHLT-4048-3-43  40 48  800  $3,828.00
 EHLT-4848-3-43  48 48   825 $3,828.00
 EHLT-4872-3-43  48 72  975  $3,828.00
 EHLT-2448-4-43  24 48







 775  $4,329.00
 EHLT-3060-4-43  30 60  800   $4,329.00
 EHLT-4048-4-43  40 48  850  $4,329.00 
 EHLT-4848-4-43  48 48  910  $4,329.00
 EHLT-4872-4-43   48 72  1,005   $4,329.00
Narrow Scissor Lift Tables
Model # Platform Size Height Capacity Weight Price
W L  Lowered Raised 
EHLT-N-1648-1-32 16 48 8 32   1,000  415  $2,997.00
EHLT-N-1648-2-32 16 48 2,000  440  $3,215.00

Model Number Format
EHLT - (width)(length) - capacity - raised height



Options & Accessories:

Electric Hydraulic Scissor Lift Options - Accordian Skirt   Electric Hydraulic Scissor Lift Options - Wireless Remote   Electric Hydraulic Scissor Lift Options - Built in Carousel

        Electric Hydraulic Scissor Lift Options - Foot Control    Electric Hydraulic Scissor Lift Options - Programmable Height   Electric Hydraulic Scissor Tables - Integral Scale

Options & Accessories

 Model #  Description  Weight Price
RRC-2PB  Wireless Remote - 2 button control  1 $821.00
RRC-4PB  Wireless Remote - 4 button control   1 $821.00
ROTATE  Manual built-in carousel n/a $1,331.00
FC-2  Foot control  n/a $225.00
PROGRAM   Programmable height n/a  $1,732.00
 SCALE  Integral scale  286 $1,788.00

Accordian Skirting

Electric Hydraulic Scissor Lift Tables - Accordian Skirting     Electric Hydraulic Scissor Lift Tables - Accordian Skirting

Accordion Skirts have a functional purpose as well as a safety purpose. Complies with the OSHA pinch point specifications. The functional advantage is minimizing dirt and debris accumulation under the platform. Dirt can contaminate electrical and hydraulic components. Life expectancy of both can be substantially reduced by this contamination. Debris such as raw materials, boards, or pallets can restrict the scissor or table movement. Accordion skirts serve to keep debris from damaging the operating mechanism, hydraulic components, or electrical parts. Safety is enhanced by keeping arms, legs, fingers, and toes out from under the table. Standard electric toe-guards are not included when scissor table is fitted with accordion skirt option.

To determine pricing for this option, you will need your scissor table specifications in inches, including:
Table Width (W)
Table Length (L)
Table Raised Height (H)
Table Lowered Height (D)

FORMULA: (W" + W" + L" + L") x H" ÷ 144 =  Square Feet
WEIGHT: 0.5 lbs/ft²

Accordian Skirting Pricing

Fabric Accordian Skirting - customer installed - Model # SKIRT-ACC-CUST   $10.00/Sq. Ft.
Fabric Accordian Skirting - factory installed - Model # SKIRT-ACC-FACT   $15.00/Sq. Ft.
Chain Accordian Skirting - customer installed - Model # SKIRT-CHN-CUST  $32.00/Sq. Ft.
Chain Accordian Skirting - factory installed - Model # SKIRT-CHN-FACT  $37.00/Sq. Ft.

Wireless Remote Wireless Remote Controls

This wireless remote control allows the user to operate the scissor lift table from a range of up to 150 feet! Available in 2- and 4-button models for lift and tilt tables. The remote control measures 4" Wide x 6" High x 2" Thick. Approved to meet part 15 of the Federal Communications Code. Designed to prevent crosstalk and false triggering from stray radio frequency.

Manual Built In Carousel Manual Built-In Carousel

This option allows the user to position pallets, boxes, or crates without ever stepping around the table. Rotates 360°, easy to use, and a 4,000 lbs capacity. Carousel adds 1" to scissor table service range. Diameter is 45". Platform size must be 48" x 48" minimum.

Programmable Height Programmable Height

Eliminate unnecessary bending and "land control jogging" by presetting multiple working heights at the touch of a button!


 • Raise/lower push button on the keypad
 • Fully integrated controller with LCD display
 • Excellent for repeat repositioning applications
 • Set height function: Programmable up to 4 preset heights
 • Incremental height adjustment for jogging lift at preset increments
 • Hybrid technology linear sensor is used to control positions at any preset height
 • A 15-button keypad for programming, editing, and modifying all 15 buttons on the panel display

Integral Scale Integral Scale


 • Mettler Toledo Scale  • Scale Capacity: 5,000 lbs.
 • No Holes or Bolting Required  • Installs and Removes in Seconds
 • Weighing Units: Pounds or Kilograms  • Validate Number of Pieces or Parts
 • Know Exactly How Much Weight is on Your Table  • Expedite Your Shipping & Palletizing Process
 • Adds approximately 3" to Overall Height  • Available in Any Size to Fit an Existing Table


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