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Counter Balanced Retractable Ladder

Fabrication Authorities International can customize a counterbalanced Retractable ladder to meet your individual specifications. These ladders are manufactured from aluminum and are corrosion resistant, maintenance free, and meet all OSHA and ANSI specifications!

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Counter Balanced Retractable Ladder 


Counter Balanced Retractable Ladder 2

This Counter Balanced Retractable Ladder features an all aluminum construction and is maintenance-free. 

The ladder may be released from below to provide lockable access to mezzanines or rooftops, but also may  be released from above to provide safe egress from the bottom of existing fire escapes or other applications.

Counter Balanced lead weights are concealed inside the patented side rails of the ladders to provide trouble-free use regardless of snow, ice or salt air. All aluminum construction with nylon bushings and stainless cables and fasteners provide a life-time of rust-free and maintenance-free service.

Custom heights, widths and OSHA compliant cages are available to suit any requirements.


* Factory polyester coating in any RAL color upon request * Standard width is 16" Max. rung width is 24"
* Fall restraint system offered, to be used in conjunction with the ladder * Ladder can be ordered with or without a cage
* All ladders are custom built to site specific and meet OSHA and ANSI requirements * Rung strength is tested at 650 lbs. per rung
* All aluminum construction is designed to last the life of the building w/o any maintenance             * Standard distance between rungs is 11"

Counter Balanced Retractable Ladder Open and Closed View:


Counter Balanced Retractable Ladder

Counter Balanced Retractable Ladder

Basic Configuration of the Counter Balanced Ladder:

Construction and materials

  • Extruded anodized aluminum profiles;
  • Stainless steel fasteners;
  • Factory polyester powder coating in any RAL color on request;
  • In compliance with prevailing standards


  • Standard elements assemble to any desired length via joint interlocking uprights;
  • Uprights: oblong profiles 2-15/16” x 1” x 5/64” or 75 x 25 x 2 mm;
  • Rungs are inserted and snapped in the uprights, and ribbed on the upper side


  • Useful rung width: 1’4” or 400 mm (other dimensions on request);
  • Standard rung width is 24" (other dimensions available upon request);
  • Rungs placed every 11” or 280 mm (other dimensions on request

Counter Balanced Retractable Ladder cross section

Cross section of the rung.
Anti-slip ribs on upper side (measures in mm)




Counter Balanced Retractable Ladder Rung


Counter Balanced Retractable Ladder Joint


Counter Balanced Retractable Ladder Joint

Fixing Clamps:

Counter Balanced Retractable Ladder Clamps1

Specially designed fixing clamps (deposited design) are used for the attachment of wall fasteners and safety cage hoops to the ladder uprights.

These fixing clamps can be clipped to the ladder uprights at any desired position, which, together with the availability of a large range of wall fasteners, provides for fast and easy installation on most support structures.

The ladder can be fitted parallel or perpendicular to the wall. The vertical distance between wall fasteners should not exceed 9’10” or 3 m, except when reinforced uprights are used



Counter Balanced Retractable Ladder Clamps2


Counter Balanced Retractable Ladder Clamps1


The fixing clamps can be fitted in two ways: completely fixed, or allowing vertical movement.

The fitting allowing vertical movement is used for long ladders, to allow for different thermal expansion of the ladder and the building structure.

Counter Balanced Retractable Ladder Clamps 3


Ladder with Safety Cage:

According to standard ISO 14122-4 (machinery access) a safety cage is required for ladders above 9’10” or 3 m (except when a lifeline is used, see page 3.7). The safety cage has to provide a free diameter of minimum 2’2” or 65 cm and maximum 2’7” or 80 cm.

The safety cage is composed of 5 round cage uprights Ø 11/16” or 18 mm, which pass centrally through the hoops with square section of 1” or 25 mm. The free diameter within the hoops is 2’4” or 70 cm. The vertical distance between the hoops can be fixed freely according to required specifications. It is recommended to limit this vertical distance to maximum 3’3” or 1m.

Counter Balanced Retractable Ladder Cage1

Counter Balanced Retractable Ladder Cage2

Counter Balanced Retractable Ladder Cage3



All ladders shall be made from extruded anodized aluminum with anodized rungs, anodized attachment brackets and stainless steel fasteners.

Ladder rungs: shall have a minimum clear width of 15 inches (or custom width as specified by the architect.) Rungs shall support a minimum load of 650 lbs. per rung and shall be factory welded to the inside of the ladder uprights. Distance between the rungs shall not exceed 12”.

Attachment brackets: shall allow a minimum clear distance to the wall from the rear of the rung of 7”.

Landing: Where the distance at the access point between the centerline of the rung and the wall exceeds 12”, a landing platform shall be provided.

Cable: for the counter-balanced weights shall be stainless steel and will be contained within the upper side profiles and attached to the base of the movable (descending) section. Counter-balancing weights shall be lead and in sufficient weight to provide neutral weight to the ladder.

Extensions: When installed parallel to a wall requiring pass-through at the top, extension profiles will provide a minimum pass-through clearance of 42 inches. Where the ladder is required to be installed below the access or starting level, a foldaway extension handle is provided to facilitate access.

Composition and Materials: Counter-balanced ladders are to be of extruded aluminum sections formed from 6061-T5 and 6063-T6 alloy. Oblong tubular uprights are to be formed from 6005-T5 and T6 alloy. Attachment hardware including expansion bolts and pop-rivets are to be of stainless steel and are to be provided by MP Industries, Inc.

Finish: All aluminum components shall have a clear anodized finish on all exposed surfaces unless ordered in a custom color. All individual sections shall be separately wrapped in plastic film and shipped in cartons or container to the site designated by the contractor.

Installation: The contractor shall furnish and install the Counter-Balanced ladder where indicated on the architectural/ engineering drawings. To ensure satisfactory performance, the manufacturer’s installation instructions, included with each shipment, must be strictly followed.

Warranty: The Counter-Balanced Retractable ladders are warranted to be free of any defects in materials or workman-ship for 10 years if installed according to manufacturer specifications.

Fabrication Authorities International can design and manufacture a retractable ladder to meet your needs and access requirements. With years of design, engineering and manufacturing experience, our dedicated staff can assist you from concept to completion in a timely fashion. Contact our sales technicians for a professional consultation today. 


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