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Stock N Store Steel Folding Ladders

Our new Stock N Store Ladder provides an easy convenient means to access shelving or other work areas. Several designs to choose from!

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Stock N Store Steel Folding Ladders

Our Stock N Store Ladders provide an easy convenient means to access shelving or other work areas. This lightweight ladder easily folds into a compact assembly for quick rolling movement and storage. In use, the ladder opens smoothly during the transition from rolling to setting down on rubber feet, the hinges automatically locking in place.


Stock N Store Steel Folding Ladder

Stock N Store is the perfect ladder for office, retail and industrial environments where a quick climbing solution is needed and storage space is an issue. This lightweight ladder tilts and rolls easily to your location and opens smoothly and locks in place automatically. When not needed, the Stock N Store ladder folds into a compact assembly for transfer or storage. When in folded position, the Stock N Store can fit in spaces less than 10 inches wide! Available with 2, 3 or 4 steps and perforated, rubber tread or grip strut step types.





 • Choice of construction - steel or aluminum  • 350 lbs. capacity
 • 30"H handrails  • 16"W x 7"D Choice of treads
 • Cable release system for weight activated hinges  • PVC coated aircraft cable
 • 4" Casters with Delrin bearings  • Compact and easily stored
 • Easily folded in one simple motion  • 10"D Platform size


Stock N Store Steel Folding Ladders

**All measurements in the table below are represented in inches, pounds and $USD.

Stock N Store Ladders
Model # ‌Tread Type Height Base Size Weight  Price
Platform Overall W L
Steel Construction
SAS2A6E10C1P6 Perf 20 50 21  22 33 $385.00
SAS3A6E10C1P6 Perf 30 60 21 28  40 $438.00
SAS4A6E10C1P6 Perf 40 70 21 34 48 $491.00
SAS2A2E10C1P6 Mat 20 50 21 22 37 $443.00
SAS3A2E10C1P6 Mat  30 60 21 28 46 $520.00
SAS4A2E10C1P6 Mat 40 70 21 34 55 $599.00
SAS2A3E10C1P6 GS 20 50 21 22 35 $394.00
SAS3A3E10C1P6 GS 30 60 21 28 43 $449.00
SAS4A3E10C1P6 GS 40 70 21 34 51 $507.00
Aluminum Construction
SASA2A10E10C50P6 Perf 20 50 21 22 17 $543.00
SASA3A10E10C50P6 Perf 30 60 21 28 25 $663.00
SASA4A10E10C50P6 Perf 40 70 21 34 32 $783.00
SASA2A2E10C50P6 Mat 20 50 21 22 18 $483.00
SASA3A2E10C50P6 Mat 30 60 21 28 26 $580.00
SASA4A2E10C50P6 Mat 40 70 21 34 33 $677.00
SASA2A3E10C50P6 GS 20 50 21 22 14 $482.00
SASA3A3E10C50P6 GS 30 60 21 28 21 $577.00
SASA4A3E10C50P6 GS 40 70 21 34 29 $670.00


For added convenience, the ladder tilts and rolls in the open as well as closed position. The welded construction meets or exceeds the strength and dimensional requirements of OSHA 1910.29, ANSI 14.7 and CAL-OSHA title 8 safety standards.

All of our Industrial Ladders provide critical fall protection, ensuring worker safety, and meet or exceed all standards and regulations. Here at Fabrication Authorities International, we are dedicated to developing the most innovative industrial access solutions through research, engineering, manufacturing, and marketing of the finest materials available. All of our products may be modified or completely custom designed to suit your needs. Our dedicated staff can assist you from concept to completion in a timely fashion.


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