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Alternating Tread Stairs

These Alternating Tread Stair ladders feature a unique tread design which provides greater tread depth than most vertical ladders or fixed stairways. The easy slope design allows for forward facing descent.

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Alternating Tread Stairs

Our Alternating Tread Stairs design offers a shorter horizontal span than traditional stairs and are ideal for many commercial and industrial applications. These alternating tread stair ladders feature a unique tread design which provides greater tread depth than most vertical ladders or fixed stairways. The easy slope design allows for forward facing descent.

Common applications include

 * Warehouse access  * Conveyors
 * Crossover systems  * Catwalks
 * Mezzanine access  * Storage tanks
 * Equipment access  * And MANY more!
 * Roof tops or roof hatches



Alternating Tread Stairs

  • Allows for comfortable face forward descents at steep angles.
  • Includes close fitting handrails which provide support.
  • Has a cushioned central stringer which virtually eliminates the possibility of hitting the nosing of a tread
  • Smaller footprint than traditional fixed stairways.


 * Dual safety chains at the top of the stairs  * Ships knockdown for lower freight costs
 * Welded steel construction with bolt-on handrails  * Powder-coated safety yellow finish
 * Formed steel steps with raised surfaces for traction  * Handrails on each side of the unit


Alternating Tread Stairs are often used in industrial and commercial applications due to their unique features: space saving, available to wide range of angles, and adaptable to different facility requirements. The capacity is 350 lbs.


Alternating Tread Stairs
 Model # # Steps   Top Step
 Length Step Angle   Weight  Price
ATS-4-56  7 48-1/8 42 56° 126 $984.00
ATS-5-56 8 60 49-1/4 56° 150 $1,143.00
ATS-6-56 10 71-7/8 57-1/2 56° 171 $1,314.00
ATS-7-56 12 84 65-3/4 56° 191  $1,485.00
ATS-8-56 13 95-7/8 73-1/2 56° 208 $1,643.00
ATS-9-56 15 107-3/4 81-5/8 56° 229 $1,817.00
ATS-10-56 16 120 89-3/4 56° 253 $1,985.00
ATS-4-68 7 48-1/8  30 68° 118 $984.00
ATS-5-68  8 60 34-5/8 68° 138 $1,143.00
ATS-6-68 10 71-7/8 39-1/2  68° 158 $1,314.00
ATS-7-68 12 84 44-1/2 68° 177 $1,485.00
ATS-8-68 13 95-7/8 49-3/4 68° 193 $1,643.00
ATS-9-68 15 107-3/4 54-1/8 68° 212 $1,817.00
ATS-10-68 16 120 58-7/8 68° 228  $1,985.00

How Does It Work?

When walking down a conventional staircase, each foot normally uses only about half of each tread, stepping out and over the unused section. On steep stairs or ladders, the unused half tread becomes an obstacle by significantly reducing the usable tread depth of the tread directly below. As the angle increases, the problem increases as well. The Alternate Tread Stair removes the unused half of each tread, allowing the foot to reach the next tread in a straight and direct line, providing more usable tread depth.


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