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Aluminum Access Stairway Ladder

Our Aluminum Access Stairway Ladder is a stable and safe ladder built to reach storage areas and lofts. The 57 degree slope is a bit steeper than normal stairways so it does not take up as much floor area. We can build them to standard and also custom height. They are constructed from a 1" square tube aluminum with a 300 lbs. load rating (call for more!) Perforated or ribbed tread standard.

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Aluminum Access Stairway Ladder 

Our Aluminum Access Stairway Ladder is a safe and sturdy ladder originally built to reach storage areas and lofts. The slope is a bit steeper than normal stairways to conserve footprint. For a compact, easy to install stairway, consider the access stairway. We build them to standard and also custom heights. These access stairway ladders meet or exceed OSHA 1910.29 & ANSI 14.7 standards.


  • High grade aluminum construction
  • Milled finish, non sparking, non corrosive
  • 57 degree industrial slope
  • 24"W treads
  • 14"D top platform
  • 30"H handrails
  • 1" square aluminum construction
  • 300 lbs. load rating
  • Custom options and designs available
  • 2" angle at the top with mounting holes
  • 3" square plates at the bottom with mounting holes
  • Mounting brackets at base and landing

Offering the flexibility of a ladder, but with the reliability and reassurance of a stair, our Aluminum Access Stairway Ladders are an excellent option for facilities with limited space. Reach heights safely and easily. We also can design mid-platforms and top landing platforms for these fixed stairways.

**All measurements in table are represented in inches and pounds.

Aluminum Access Stairway Ladder

# Steps Platform
Length Weight Model #  Price
Perforated Ribbed
4 40 70 34 40  PWSW4H24 $237.00  $330.00 
5 50 80  42 50  PWSW5H24 $266.00  $380.00
6 60  90  48 60 PWSW6H24  $319.00 $424.00 
70  100 55 71  PWSW7H24  $374.00 $451.00 
80  110 61 82  PWSW8H24  $476.00  $555.00 
90  120  67 93  PWSW9H24  $473.00 $583.00 
10  100  130  74 105  PWSW10H24  $517.00 $633.00 
11  110  140  83 122  PWSW11H24  $556.00 $693.00 
12  120  150  89 132  PWSW12H24  $611.00 $754.00 

Options & Accessories
-500-1000 lbs load rating HEAVY DUTY
-Custom landing height
-Wider step size
-Yellow finish or other
-California OSHA compliant design

 Industrial ladders and work platforms are our specialty. We offer hundreds to choose from, with a vast range of materials, heights and styles. Don’t see what you need? We have the knowledge and experience to design and manufacture a completely customized industrial ladder for any industry or application. Contact our experienced sales team for a professional consultation and we can custom design a ladder to fit your facility’s needs and space requirements.


Please call for additional options or custom designs.
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