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36.4º Industrial Stairway with Platform

The Industrial Stairway with Platform is the strongest and safest stairway we build. Using 10” channel stringers and deep step treads, it has a very gradual 36.4 degree slope. Serrated tread is standard. We build these stairways to custom heights and widths all the time for our customers. We also can design mid-platforms and top landing platforms.

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36.4º Industrial Stairway with Platform 

Our 36.4° Industrial Stairways create strong and reliable access to mezzanines and elevated platforms. Meets or exceeds OSHA standards. Our Industrial Stairways have a climbing angle of 36.4° that allows the user to carry items such as tool boxes, equipment, crates etc. up and down these stairs safely. They are manufactured from the highest grade steel and provide safe and reliable access to mezzanines and elevated platforms. Standard sizes of industrial platforms and mid-platforms are offered, custom options offered upon request.


 •All-welded steel construction  •1,000 lbs capacity
 •10"W channel stringers for enhanced stability  •1-1/2" Square tube constructed handrails
 •36"W Serrated treads  •Custom height & widths available
 •Standard and custom rises available  •Meets OSHA and ANSI standards



36.4 Degree Industrial Stairway - Serrated Treads

36.4° Industrial Stairway
# Treads Total
# Risers  Weight Model # Price
5 42 47½ 6 223 IS042-36 $1,963.00
6 49 57 7 260 IS049-36 $2,089.00
7 56 66½ 8 309 IS056-36 $2,231.00
8 63 76 9 346  IS063-36 $2,514.00
9 70 85½ 10 382 IS070-36 $2,698.00
10 77 95 11 419 IS077-36 $2,941.00
11  84 104½ 12 468  IS084-36 $3,162.00
12 91 114 13 505 IS091-36 $3,275.00
13 98 123½  14 541 IS098-36 $3,407.00
14 105 133 15 577 IS105-36 $3,758.00
15 112 142½ 16 626 IS112-36 $3,793.00
16 119 152 17 663 IS119-36  $3,821.00

36.4 Degree Industrial Stairway and Platform


Industrial Stairway Platform

Our Industrial Platform is manufactured from high strength steel, is maintenance free, and rated heavy duty. The standard tread is serrated, however custom is available. Call for pricing.



Industrial Stairway Platform (PLA- series)
Product Example  Length  Width  Weight Model # Price
Industrial Stairways Platform - LSX (Left Side Exit)


36" 36" 194 lbs. PLA3636-LSX $1,628.00
48" 36" 236 lbs. PLA3648-LSX $1,756.00
48" 48" 272 lbs. PLA4848-LSX $1,847.00
Industrial Stairways Platform - RSX (Right Side Exit) 


36" 36" 194 lbs.  PLA3636-RSX $1,628.00
36" 48" 236 lbs. PLA3648-RSX  $1,756.00
48" 48" 272 lbs. PLA4848-RSX $1,847.00
  Industrial Stairways Platform - STX (Straight off exit)


36" 36" 194 lbs. PLA3636-STX $1,628.00
36" 48" 236 lbs. PLA3648-STX $1,756.00
48" 48" 272 lbs. PLA4848-STX $1,847.00
Industrial Stairways Platform - WOX (Without Exit) 
    36" 36" 194 lbs. PLA3636-WOX $1,628.00
36" 48" 236 lbs. PLA3648-WOX $1,756.00
48"  48"  272 lbs. PLA4848-WOX $1,847.00


We can design and manufacture any fixed industrial ladder and stairway built according to your specifications based on your environment and application requirements. Our expertise includes in-house research and development, fully integrated manufacturing and an extensive materials line. With years of design, engineering and manufacturing experience, our dedicated staff can assist you from concept to completion in a timely fashion.


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