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Adjustable Height Reefer Platform

This Refrigerator Truck Rolling Access Platform provides excellent fall protection during routine maintenance and inspection of refrigeration units on small to medium size trucks. The platform offers 12" of height adjustability in 4" increments.

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Adjustable Height Reefer Work Platform

Fabrication Authorities International is pleased to offer an exclusive mechanics rolling platform, the Adjustable Height Reefer Work Platform, designed to make refrigerated and  specialized truck repairs safer and more convenient. Features 12" of height adjustability in 4" increments. Reinforced lifting points on each ladder at 4th step accommodates adjustability using standard engine puller. Includes designated lifting points for using rope and bucket to bring tools or parts from ground to the platform.


Adjustable Height Reefer Work Platform_Front_View

The Adjustable Height Reefer Repair Platform is a unique product designed to allow mechanics and repair personnel easy and safe access to refrigerator box trucks, serving as a handy work platform which is adjustable in height and can be rolled into position, indoors or outdoors.

Adjustable Height Reefer Work Platform_Serrated_Grating


The serrated metal work platform allows easy drainage and secure footing on this raised rolling platform.


This truck and heavy equipment repair platform can also be used for RV roof repair because it is height adjustable, has double hand rails and can be moved around as needed.

Adjustable Height Reefer Work Platform_Side_View

The sturdy ladders of the Reefer Repair Platform provide easy access from either side of the truck. Features include 24"W rungs with perforations for increased safety while using this portable adjustable work platform. The double hand rails are a highly desirable safety feature on aerial work platforms like this Reefer Repair Platform.



The large, dual locking swivel casters are 8" in diameter and 2" wide and feature convenient foot tabs for locking and unlocking.

This steel and aluminum adjustable reefer truck platform with dual ladders allows easy access for mechanics and truck repair specialists looking for a better solution than the usual portable steps & work platforms offered elsewhere.  This adjustable height platform can also be used as a heavy equipment repair platform, as a work platform for fuel trucks or to make RV roof repairs while meeting OSHA safety standards.


 • 500 lbs. capacity  • Platform size: 24"W x 120"L
 • Serrated grating for slip resistance  • 42"H guardrails with 21" mid-rails
 • (4) 8" x 2" Swivel locking casters with foot tabs  • OSHA and ANSI compliant design
 • Carbon steel-aluminum combination construction  • Clearance: 103"H - 115"H


**All measurements in the table below are represented in inches, pounds and $USD.

Adjustable Height Reefer Work Platform
Height Base Size Capacity Model # Price
Min Max W L
103 115 50 130 500  RA10FT-R09 $6063.00


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