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Aluminum Gangways

Our Aluminum Gangways are light enough to be carried by two people, yet strong enough to hold 2000 lbs. These durable walkways are manufactured from corrosion resistant, salt water tested aluminum alloys, and require minimal maintenance.

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Aluminum Gangways

Our Aluminum Gangways are light enough to be carried by two people, yet strong enough to hold 2000 lbs. No more repainting or replacing unsafe wooden ramps or struggling with heavy, rusty steel walkway units! Our Aluminum Gangways solve the problem by offering quick and easy removal in the event of severe storms or for seasonal storage.


Like all of our waterfront equipment, our aluminum gangways are constructed of corrosion resistant, salt water tested aluminum alloys, and require minimal maintenance. Aluminum gangway installations have proven themselves for over 40 years at coastal locations from United States to the Virgin Islands!

Our Aluminum Gangways eliminate the dangerous spacing between floating dock modules because of a joint-less, solid floor. 



 • 2,000 lbs. Distributed load capacity
 • Standard lengths range from 8' to 40' 
 • The side rails are a rigid girder design
 • Other custom widths and longer lengths can be made to order
 • Manufactured from marine grade corrosion resistant aluminum
 • Ramps are available in standard widths of 32", 36", 42" and 48"
 • Please note all gangways from 24′ to 40′ will be manufactured as a 2-piece construction
 • Cleats provide additional foot grip to the decking plank are supplied as a standard feature
 • Comes with standard mounting bracket on shore end and rubber aluminum wheels at float end
 • Decking planks are of special aluminum extrusions fastened securely to the tubular cross members
 • The top-truss design increases stability & capacity and lends support to the rugged aluminum handrail


Aluminum Gangways  Aluminum Gangways  Aluminum Gangways

**All measurements in the table below are represented in feet and $USD.

Aluminum Gangways

Lengths 32" Wide 36" Wide 42" Wide 48" Wide
Model # Price Model # Price Model # Price Model # Price
12' AG-3212  $2,347.00 AG-3612  $2,720.00 AG-4212  $3,078.00 AG-4812  $3,711.00
14' AG-3214  $2,699.00 AG-3614  $3,093.00 AG-4214  $3,556.00 AG-4814  $4,306.00
16' AG-3216  $3,020.00 AG-3616  $3,020.00 AG-4216  $3,961.00 AG-4816  $4,908.00
18' AG-3218  $3,338.00 AG-3618  $3,396.00 AG-4218  $4,411.00 AG-4818  $5,364.00
20' AG-3220  $3,630.00 AG-3620  $3,964.00 AG-4220  $4,816.00  AG-4820  $5,682.00
22' AG-3222  $3,952.00 AG-3622  $4,333.00 AG-4222  $5,116.00 AG-4822  $5,927.00
24' AG-3224  $4,248.00 AG-3624  $4,710.00 AG-4224  $5,387.00 AG-4824  $6,349.00
26' AG-3226  $4,557.00 AG-3626  $5,054.00 AG-4226  $5,792.00 AG-4826  $6,777.00
28' AG-3228  $4,718.00 AG-3628  $5,247.00 AG-4228  $6,149.00 AG-4828  $7,180.00
30' AG-3230  $4,937.00 AG-3630  $5,463.00 AG-4230  $6,514.00 AG-4830  $7,592.00
32' AG-3232  $6,087.00 AG-3632  $6,587.00 AG-4232  $7,487.00 AG-4832  $8,454.00
34' AG-3234  $6,410.00 AG-3634  $6,932.00 AG-4234  $7,908.00  AG-4834  $9,185.00
36' AG-3236  $6,733.00 AG-3636  $7,263.00 AG-4236  $8,319.00  AG-4836  $9,642.00
38' AG-3238  $7,067.00 AG-3638  $7,608.00 AG-4238  $8,684.00 AG-4838  $10,118.00
40' AG-3240  $7,372.00  AG-3640  $7,929.00  AG-4240  $9,065.00  AG-4840  $10,573.00 


Model #  Description     Price
ARMP-TP-S  Transition plate, Shore End  contact for pricing
ARMP-TP-W  Transition plate, Wheel End contact for pricing
ARMP-HB   Hangar Brackets (pair) contact for pricing
ARMP-HB-C  Hangar Bracket Clip with fastener contact for pricing
ARMPRC-HD-1  HD Honcho Caster with New Ramp contact for pricing
ARMP-RW  8" Wheel with cotter pin    contact for pricing


 Click here to download gangway mounting instructions


 Click here to download standard widths


 Click here to download 2 piece gangway assembly instructions


All of our gangway ramps provide critical fall protection, ensuring worker safety, and meet or exceed all regulations. Fabrication Authorities International provides a wide array of loading dock equipment to satisfy a variety of applications. Our experienced sales technicians are committed to provide you with fast, responsible, and reliable service, including a professional consultation to determine the products needed and create a custom solution for your business.


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