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Our Edge-O-Docklevelers are designed for your most demanding dock operations, offering exceptional durability, reliability and the lowest lifetime ownership costs. These smooth transition levelers provide the smoothest path between the facility floor and the trailer - reducing jolts to forklift operators, product and equipment.

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Utilizing docklevelers, the risk of grounding low clearance pallet trucks and forklifts while loading and unloading is significantly reduced and excessive forklift tire wear is minimized. Employee injury is also substantially reduced, thereby saving your business on injury claims and employee absence. The addition of a dock leveler can bring a new level of safety and security to your loading docks, and the initial investment will benefit your business significantly!!


The Edge-O-Dock Dockleveler permanently attaches to face of your dock, providing immediate use while saving valuable floor space. Recommended for docks at least 48" high. When the trailer departs, the lip drops automatically behind the face of the bumpers. Concrete recess is not required. Comes complete with 2" x 8" x 18" bumpers and installation instructions. The standard ramping length is 29"L, but a 36"L ramping length also available. 


 • Service range 5" above to 5" below dock height 
 • Made of high strength steel to minimize weight (55,000 PSI)
 • Toe Guards for extra protection and safety
 • Adjustable torsion spring counterbalance mechanism (FM's only)
 • Grease Zerk Fittings with 18" High bumpers to service low trucks
 • Three models to choose from - Mechanical, Hand Pump Hydraulic, and Electric Series


Mechanical Series
The Mechanical unit is operated by hooking the lip and lifting until the tip of the lip clears the bed of the trailer.  With an outward lifting motion the lip is extended and the dockleveler is lowered to the trailer. When the trailer departs the lip retracts behind the bumper face automatically.

Hand Pump Hydraulic
The Hand Pump Hydraulic system eliminates manual lifting.  The hand pump is used to lift the deck and extend the lip.  The operator rotates the relief valve allowing the deck to descend down and rest upon the trailer.  When the trailer departs the lip drops automatically behind the face of the bumpers.

The Electric Hydraulic Edge-O-Dock (1/3 H.P. 115V) is the easiest to operate.   After the truck is backed against the dock, push and hold the control button.   The ramp raises and the lip will extend and rest on the truck bed.  When the truck departs the lip retracts behind the bumpers automatically.

A steel dock edge, optional approach plate, or approach ramp is required for proper installation.

**All measurements in the table below are represented in inches, pounds and $USD.


Model #  PDF  Operation Usable Width Overall
 Capacity Weight  Price
FM-0648 Mechanical 48 74 6,000 348 $1,199.00
FM-2066 66 92 20,000 514 $1,497.00
FM-2072 72 98 20,000 523 $1,628.00
FM-2566 66 92 25,000 556 $1,752.00
FM-2572 72  98 25,000 585 $1,845.00
FM-3066 66 92 30,000 663 $1,853.00
FM-3072 72 98 30,000 709 $2,111.00
PP-1572-36* Hand Pump 72 98 15,000 743  $2,226.00
PP-2066 66 92 20,000 542  $1,820.00
PP-2072 72 98 20,000 625 $1,951.00
PP-2566 66 92 25,000 600 $2,193.00
PP-2572 72 98 25,000 615  $2,256.00
PP-2572-36* 72  98 25,000 780 $2,600.00
PP-3066  66 92 30,000 998 $2,553.00
PP-3072 72 98 30,000 1,061 $2,730.00
PE-1572-36* Electric 72 98 15,000 749 $3,769.00
PE-2066 66 92 20,000 581  $2,908.00
PE-2072 72 98  20,000  601 $3,189.00
PE-2566 66 92 25,000 619 $2,993.00
PE-2572 72 98 25,000 649  $3,345.00
PE-2572-36* ‌72 ‌98 ‌25,000 ‌826 $3,588.00
PE-3066 66 92 30,000 745 $3,509.00
PE-3072 72 98 30,000 782 $3,855.00
*Denotes 36" ramping length for smaller grade 

Dock-O-Leveler Options & Accessories

Model # Description   Weight  Price
 FM-HOOK  Pulling hook for mechanical unit (old style) $39.00
 FM-BAR  Actuation handle for mechanical unit (new style) 13 $46.00
 EOD-BB  Steel bumper box without pad 58 $332.00
RB  Rubber bumper (replacement) 11 $48.00
FM-FM  FM-series (hook style) to FM-series (handle style) Conversion Kit 12  $378.00
FM-PP  FM-series to PP-series Conversion Kit 53 $923.00
FM-PE  FM-series to PE-series Conversion Kit 89 $1,795.00
PP-PE  PP-series to PE-series Conversion Kit 56 $1,866.00
CE  Curb Edge - 6" Channel x 96" Long 90 $244.00
RAMP-2   Approach Ramp 96"W x 12"L x 2"H 120  $438.00
RAMP-4  Approach Ramp 96"W x 24"L x 4"H 215 $848.00
AP  Approach Plate ¼" Thick x 12"L x 96"W 121 $251.00
AP-BE  Approach Plate ¼" Thick x 12"L x 96"W with beveled edge 130  $319.00

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