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Custom Aircraft Maintenance Stand

When your aircraft maintenance project requires a custom application, rely on FAI to personalize an exclusive maintenance stand tailored around your needs. No project is too large or too small.  Any size job is done efficiently by our skilled workforce. We have designed custom aviation maintenance platforms, custom aircraft access ladders, wing access stands, aircraft tail docks and custom GSE solutions in accordance with OSHA and ANSI standards in a timely manner for our customers.

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Custom Aircraft Maintenance Stand

Fabrication Authorities International specializes in off the shelf custom designs and customized ground support equipment for both fixed wing and rotorcraft maintenance. From height adjustable platforms to custom rolling maintenance platforms, FAI has the expertise and capabilities to design a customized aviation maintenance stand that meets your specific workplace requirements while conforming to OSHA and ANSI regulations.

We utilize our broad experience and specialized skill to achieve complete customer satisfaction for every project. We have extensive experience and an intimate understanding of the aircraft we work with, as we have served the aviation industry for over 15 years.  

We care about achieving complete customer satisfaction in everything that we do. We know that the key to a successful business is to build lasting relationships with our clients. Consequently, we have established a reputation for excellence, and our clients trust us to perform at the highest levels of professionalism. Having spent many years in the industry, we work efficiently and cost-effectively by bringing maximum value to each dollar spent.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you. We're excited to begin working on your aircraft maintenance project!

After listening to your aircraft maintenance access issue, we will create an engineering concept for a Custom Aircraft Maintenance Solution for your facility. The initial model, once accepted, then enters a design stage and production drawings are engineered and developed. The drawings are submitted to our customer for approval and written acceptance. Only once the drawings are approved is the material ordered. At this point the stands are inducted into the production cycle. The maintenance systems are then fabricated, all the while undergoing continuous quality inspections during the process.

Custom Maintenance Solutions

A completely unique solution that is rigorously engineered
and cost efficient to meet your specific requirements!

Components of a Custom Aircraft Maintenance Stand:

 •Height & Clearance
 •Step Treads
 •Material Type
 •Finish Type
 •Locking Mechanisms
 •Handrail Options
 •Assembly Options
 •Caster Options
 •Bumper Options
 •Additional Accessories


We can build your maintenance stand to any height, clearance, or under-clearance! It may be aircraft-specific or height adjustable for multiple-aircraft maintenance solutions.

 Custom Aircraft Maintenance Stand with rough terrain casters and solar power

We can manufacture your custom aviation maintenance stand in any of the styles below, or a combination thereof.

Rolling Stands can be designed to be mobile to perform in a variety of environments. See caster options.
Cantilever Cantilevered platforms can provide greater working area by means of a extended platform. Available with and without the counter-weight, with the over-hang straight off the back or off to the sides, and with a fold-down platform for easy storage. We offer a supported cantilever rolling model, also known as a U Frame, that uses an extended frame at the base of the ladder to support the added weight of the overhang platform.
Crossover Crossover stands may be designed in a variety of sizes to clear obstacles of various heights and lengths.
Folding Folding maintenance stands provide structural stability and are designed to perform in the toughest industrial situations, yet fold into a compact package for easy storage and convenient transport.
Retractable Stands may be designed with retractable ladders that are designed to be rugged enough for every day use, but fold up or in when they are not needed.
Fixed Fixed stands are self-supporting, and non-adjustable in length or height. They may be permanently mounted to a structure for everyday maintenance
Telescoping Stands may incorporate versatile telescoping ladders that provide access to higher platforms at any height while keeping a small footprint. 


We offer several material types for any environment.

Steel Rugged and economical. We use carbon steel on most of our products, rugged enough to withstand the test of time. Most commonly coated  with enamel paint or powder coat.
Aluminum Paint free, non-magnetic, and non-sparking. Endures frequent washing. Non-corrosive, very lightweight, yet rigid material. Resilient to weather and moisture, does not require any finish or coating.
Stainless Steel Rugged, paint free. Endures frequent washing, non-corrosive. As strong as steel plus the most anti-corrosive properties available. Requires no added finish, may be bead blasted or electro-polished..
Composite Fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP). Non-magnetic, non-sparking, and temperature resistant. Benefits include: corrosion resistance, slip resistance, impact resistance, light weight, superior ergonomics, and low maintenance life cycle


We offer a variety of tread options to suit your needs. Your custom stand may incorporate a combination of treads. Any other options are available upon request.

Perforated Minimal slip resistance. Choose for standard duty or cleaner areas. Perforated Tread design formed from a solid steel sheet. Standard tread sizes are 18", 24", and 30", however any combination of these may be used to create your custom industrial maintenance stand width.
Grip Strut /
The most aggressive tread. This design allows dirt and debris to fall through the tread, perfect for outdoor and work boot applications, not recommended for kneeling on.  May be manufactured in any width up to 12'.
Expanded Flat, non-skid tread, generally for moist or outdoor applications. The open grating allows debris to fall through, perfect for heavy duty industrial applications.
Abrasive Mat Ideal in areas with less dirt. Non-slip footing for safe climbing or kneeling, making it the best choice for any environment.
Grip Tape This adhesive tape has a hard grit surface. Recommended for indoor and dry environments. May be used for 18", 24", 36", or 48" wide tread.
Ribbed Aluminum This slip-resistant tread can be used in moist environments, marine docks, industrial applications, or on graded or uneven platforms. Non-metallic options.
Diamond Plate Diamond plate was the first non-skid surface ever created in the industry. It reduces slipping; but is not recommended for oily or wet conditions. Tread may be cut to any size up to 8' wide
Bar Grating This tread option can meet almost any load bearing or weight requirement and is the most durable tread for rugged applications. Bar style treads are also a top choice for strength, safety, and long-term cost savings.

Custom Aircraft Maintenance Stand Tread Options


We offer nearly unlimited platform options: Level or sloped, Angled or curved, Sliders to conform to tube shape, Bumpers for aircraft protection. Platform size may create a requirement for towbar.

We offer several options for handrails. They may be removable or adjustable for access points, as well as bi-level handrails that easily adjust in height to accommodate aircraft component interference. Handrails, mid-rails, toe boards, and safety chains are also available for extra fall protection.

We offer any size caster from 2” to 16” as standard options, manufactured from almost any type of material available (ie. Steel rims, foam tires, phenolic, pneumatic, semi-pneumatic) and anything else across the industry may be accessed to cover your needs. We offer specialized caters for environmental terrain options; SMOOTH for in-hangar use or ROUGH for outside tarmac.

Custom Aircraft Maintenance Stand Caster Options

Choose from any of our finishes.

Enamel (Standard) All of our steel products have a professionally sprayed enamel finish. Our standard colors are gray or yellow, but for a surcharge we can spray any color specified.
Galvanized Steel Anti-corrosion coating. Cleaned, unpainted products are dipped several times, providing efficient metal protection.
Mill Finish Our aluminum products have a mill finish, can be semi-bright in appearance and somewhat shiny.
Powder Coat Environmentally friendly coating solution offering superior performance for applications which require maximum abrasion resistance and hardness.
Electro Polished A modern process in which the material is immersed in an electrolyte and subjected to a direct electrical current.   Benefits include: better physical appearance (brilliant luster and reflectivity), enhanced mechanical properties (less friction and surface drag), better corrosion protection (reduces product contamination and ability of things to stick to the coating due to the microscopic smoothness), and ease of 


Custom Aircraft Maintenance Stand - MD80/90 Engine Stand

We offer a variety of locking mechanisms to enhance worker safety through product immobility when needed, including locking swivel casters with independent brakes and more!

•Tool Trays
•Lighting Options (waterproof)
•Power Options (AC,DC, Solar panel)
•Pneumatic plumbing
•Larger platform length at the top of the ladder for greater working area (extension sliders)
•Stabilizing jacks for added fall protection
•Rubber bumpers for aircraft protection
•Integrated towbars for ease of movement

Fully welded
•Partially welded (removable handrails)
•Fully bolt-able 
•Partially knocked down
•Modular w cotter pin assembly

Mechanics are more productive with quick and convenient access to both the aircraft and their repair tools. Utilizing a custom aircraft maintenance stand will minimize damage during maintenance and repairs.

FAI has worked with its worldwide customer base to provide a wide variety of docking systems for servicing an array of airframes. These docking systems by airframe and type of stand have a commonality of function. Each stand ends up with specific designs to meet customer specifications and preference.

The types of stands built by FAI include: narrow and wide body tail docks, wing docks, fuselage, nose/windshield, over wheel strut stands, wheel well stands, cargo entry, main cargo deck and main cabin entry stands. These stands range from single height to five tier designs. The docking systems are for both passenger (including regional) and cargo aircraft and both narrow and wide body aircraft. The majority of stands have been designed to accomplish various maintenance functions on the aircraft promoting ease of access, increased productivity and stressing employee safety

The designs of our stands fit the contour of the aircraft. In many cases sliders are utilized to adapt to the various contours. The stands have adjustable bases accomplished through utilizing a variety of different designs and systems which adapt to the work area of the airframe which is being serviced. The base of the stands promote the stabilization of the stands and enables the stand to adjust to variable heights..

All of our Aviation Maintenance Stands are customized to meet our customer’s requirements, as well as their desires!

All of our aircraft maintenance access platforms provide critical fall protection, ensure worker safety, and meet or exceed all standards and regulations. Here at FAI, we are dedicated to developing the most innovative aircraft maintenance equipment through research, engineering, manufacturing, and marketing of the finest materials available. All of our products may be modified or completely custom designed to suit your needs.

Fabrication Authorities International is quickly proving to a world leader in turnkey adjustable stands, clean room product, custom ladders and work platform construction, delivering flexible solutions with a performance guarantee. Our project managers focus on cost efficiency and custom design capability to ensure customer satisfaction. Our highly trained sales representatives oversee each custom design-build project from receipt of PO to owner acceptance of the shipment. Our sales technicians are educated to provide you with a professional consultation to work with your facility’s space and access requirements to customize a solution that successfully addresses safety, ergonomics, and regulation compliance. Our team includes an operations manager, project managers, specialized sales representatives, technical department and an in-house engineering department. 


Please call for additional options or custom designs.
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We can customize most Industrial Maintenance Platforms to your specific needs. 
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