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Power Lift Jib Crane

Our Power Lift Jib Crane is an economical solution for light-duty, intermittent use. Designed for material handling applications on docks, in warehouses or in truck beds. Features rotation hand brakes that offer unlimited 360° positioning. Made in the USA.

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Power Lift Jib Crane

The Power Lift Jib Cranes are designed for material handling applications on docks, in warehouses or in truck beds. Choose either 12V DC, 1 HP with 6-foot long removable pendant control or 115V AC 1/3 HP with fingertip switch to raise and lower hook. Meets ANSI and OSHA specifications. 12" x 12" mounting plate. Units are not rated for overhead lifting applications. Consult factory for pricing if overhead lifting rating is required.

The table below highlights pictures and the features of the different model types that we offer.

Model Picture Description



 Power Lift Jib Crane WTJ-20-3-DC
Intermittent use cranes feature rotation hand brakes that offer unlimited 360° positioning. Mast mounts permanently. Boom adjusts in 12" increments and can be positioned at 4 elevations. DC models include 46 feet of 3/16" aircraft-grade wire rope with swivel hook and safety latch while AC units feature 25 feet of 7/32" cable. Folds for storage.



 Power Lift Jib Crane WTJ-E-15-3-AC
The economical answer to your material handling problems.  Offers light-duty, intermittent use. Up to 1,500 pounds uniform capacity at 36" boom extension. 360° locking manual rotation, 25 feet of 7/32" cable with hook on AC units, 46 feet of 3/16" cable on DC units



Power Lift Jib Crane WTJ-20-4-DC-GAL

These cranes offer the same features as the Type A cranes with a galvanized finish.



 Power Lift Jib Crane WTJ-E-15-3-DC-GAL

These cranes offer the same features as the Type B cranes with a galvanized finish



 * Heavy duty steel construction  * 12in. x 12in. mounting plate
 * Swivel snatch block and safety latch  * Mast mounts permanently
 * Meets ANSI and OSHA specifications  * 360° locking manual rotation
 * Unit is designed for vertical lifting only  * Several models to choose from!

**The measurements in the table below are represented in inches, pounds and $USD.

Power Lift Jib Crane


Model #


Boom Reach Boom

Low High Low High
A WTJ-20-3-DC 12V DC 2,000 39-1/4 63-1/4  59-9/16 96-1/8 243 $3,106.00
A WTJ-20-4-DC 12V DC 2,000 51-1/4 87-1/4 59-1/2 106-1/2 255 $3,234.00
A WTJ-20-3-AC 115V AC 2,000 39-1/4 63-1/4 59-9/16 96-1/8  245 $3,855.00
A WTJ-20-4-AC 115V AC 2,000 51-1/4  87-1/4 59-1/2 106-1/2 255 $3,987.00
A WTJ-E-15-3-DC 12V DC 1,500 43-1/16 66-3/4 47-1/8 73-5/16 200 $2,486.00
B WTJ-E-15-3-AC 115V AC 1,500 43-1/16 66-3/4  47-1/8 73-5/16 233 $3,163.00
C WTJ-20-3-DC-GAL 12V DC 2,000 39-1/4 63-1/4 59-9/16 96-1/8 243 $3,548.00
C WTJ-20-4-DC-GAL 12V DC 2,000 51-1/4  87-1/4 59-1/2  106-1/2  255 $3,700.00
WTJ-20-3-AC-GAL 115V AC 2,000 39-1/4 63-1/4 59-9/16 96-1/8 249 $4,109.00
C WTJ-20-4-AC-GAL 115V AC 2,000 51-1/4 87-1/4 59-1/2  106-1/2  259 $4,260.00
D WTJ-E-15-3-DC-GAL 12V DC 1,500 43-1/16 66-3/4 47-1/8  73-5/16 200 $2,759.00
D WTJ-E-15-3-AC-GAL 115V AC 1,500 43-1/16 66-3/4 47-1/8 73-5/16 270 $3,472.00


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