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Steel Egress Ladders

Our Steel Egress Ladders are also available in stainless steel or aluminum construction. Two styles to choose from - with and without rail extensions. We build these to any height requested by the customer. We also create custom designs to meet specific building codes and customer needs. These fixed steel ladders are perfect for fire escapes!


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Steel Egress Ladders 

Our Steel Egress Ladders are the perfect solution for vertical access needs. Applications range from roof access on buildings to complex systems on large structures such as silos or bridges. These Fixed Steel Ladders meet or exceed OSHA & ANSI Standards. They are also perfect for fire escape ladders.


‌* Rungs are 16" wide spaced 12" vertically ‌* 300 lbs. capacity
‌* Standoff brackets feature a 7/16" hole for attachment *‌ Flat bar stock side rails
‌* Carbon steel construction with gray powder coat *‌ All-welded construction
‌* All models have floor mount legs and bolt-on standoff brackets. ‌* Single diamond grip-strut rungs
Also available in stainless steel and aluminum ‌* OSHA and ANSI compliant design
‌* ‌Steel 8' & 10' have (1) set of standoff brackets; all other models come with (2) sets. 
‌* Flared handrails available on all models that extend 42" above the top rung. Inside width of 24"


**All measurements in the table below are represented in inches, pounds and $USD.

Steel Egress Ladders

Model # # Rungs Overall
 Weight Price
 Vertical Wall Mount Ladders -  Steel Vertical Ladders Without Rail Extensions    Steel Egress Ladders Without Rail Extensions 
MVMS8 8 96 17 65 $630.00 
MVMS10 10 120 17 81 $709.00
MVMS12 12 144 17 99  $823.00
MVMS14 14 168 17 114 $919.00
MVMS16 16 192 17 129 $1,018.00
    Vertical Wall Mount Ladders -  Steel Vertical Ladders With Rail Extensions 
   Steel Egress Ladders With Rail Extensions
VMS8EX 8 135  17 90 $783.00
VMS10EX 10 159 17  106 $866.00
VMS12EX 12 183 17 123 $977.00 
VMS14EX 14 207 17 139 $1,069.00
VMS16EX 16  231 17 154 $1,1696.00


Stainless Steel Egress Ladders & Steel Egress Ladders.

Fabrication Authorities International offers a wide array of fixed ladders to satisfy a variety of applications. Our experienced sales technicians are committed to provide you with fast, responsible, and reliable service, including a professional consultation to determine the products needed and create a custom solution for your business.  We can can custom fabricate virtually any type of Egress Ladder to suit your needs. Our expertise includes in-house research and development, fully integrated manufacturing and an extensive materials line. With over 20 years of design, engineering and manufacturing experience, our dedicated staff can assist you from concept to completion in a timely fashion. All of our ladders are made in the USA and meet OSHA and ANSI standards.


Please call for additional options or custom designs.
Fabrication Authorities International, LLC. Is your new “total access” solution.
We can customize most Industrial Maintenance Platforms to your specific needs. 
Please call (877) 324-9990 or (727) 324-4620 or (727) FAI-INC-0
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