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Cantilever Ladder

Our Cantilever Ladders provide access to otherwise unreachable areas by means of an extended platform at the top of the ladder. While providing a stable platform overhang, the ladder is counter balanced for maximum safety. Our customers use these in aviation, production, warehouses, and areas with machinery. 

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Cantilever Ladder

The Cantilever Ladder is a newer addition to the industrial arena and is quickly gaining attention.  Cantilever Ladders provide access to otherwise unreachable areas by means of an extended platform at the top of the ladder. Our Cantilevered Ladders are perfect for accessing mezzanines, tanks, shelving units, storage containers, or anywhere else a standard ladder cannot reach while providing a safe, stable working platform.

At times it is just not possible to put a ladder base directly next to or under the area that needs to be accessed. These hard-to-reach areas may be accessed head-on or from the side using low profile support legs or balanced with a counterweight.
Using this style of ladder ensures the equipment being accessed will not be damaged and also eliminates the risk of personnel or tools falling or being dropped on the equipment



 • 57 degree slope  • (2) Swivel casters on rear
 • 24"W x 7"D steps  • (2) Locking casters in front
 • Overhangs hard to reach areas  • 300 lbs. standard load rating
 • Counterbalance weight at base  • 30"H handrails or 42"H handrails with 21" mid-rails
 • 1" Square tube construction  • Gray industrial enamel finish standard-call for colors
 • 14" Overhang standard, however any size platform is available in increments of 7"
 • The total depth for the platform with a 14" overhang with be 28" (total).


There are several advantages to utilizing a Cantilever Ladder, but the number one benefit is fall protection and worker safety. We offer several different types of cantilevered platforms:

Cantilever Ladder Types - Unsupported and Supported

 • Unsupported Cantilever Ladder - This model utilizes a counterweight balance to offset the weight of the elongated platform.
 • Supported Cantilever Rolling Ladder, also known as a U-Frame Ladder - This type uses an extended frame at the base of the ladder to support the added weight of the overhang portion. 
 • Adjustable Height Cantilever Ladder - These Cantilever Ladders are multi-purpose, as they can service several access points at multiple heights.

Tread Options:

 Cantilever Ladder Perforated Tread Option   Cantilever Ladder Serrated Tread Option

**All measurements in the table below are represented in inches, pounds and $USD.

Cantilever Ladder
# Steps Top
Base Size  Perforated Tread Serrated Tread
W D Model # Price Model # Price
   14" Overhang
80  110 77 32 61 BS8SH30-SP $3,000.00 GS8SH30-SP $3,335.00 
9 90 120 87 32 67 BS9SH30-SP $3,250.00 GS9SH30-SP $3,675.00
10 100 130 97 32 74  BS10SH30-SP $3,500.00 GS10SH30-SP $3,910.00
11  110 140 107 35 83 BS11SH30-SP $3,750.00 GS11SH30-SP $4,175.00
12 120 150 117 35 89  BS12SH30-SP $4,250.00 GS12SH30-SP $4,750.00
13 130 160 127 37 95 BS13SH30-SP $4,500.00 GS13SH30-SP $5,000.00
14 140 170 137 37 102  BS14SH30-SP $5,000.00 GS14SH30-SP $5,500.00
15 150 180 147 39 108 BS15SH30-SP $5,500.00* GS15SH30-SP $6,000.00*
 **All sizes have the option of a larger or smaller overhang, email or call us with your needs!



7" INCREMENTS STANDARD; 21", 28", 35", 42", etc. 


We can customize a Cantilever Ladder to fit your needs! We have manufactured these platform ladders for our customers with and without the counter-weight, with the over-hang straight off the back or off to the sides, and with a fold-down platform for easy storage. These rolling cantilever ladders are available in any combination of designs or styles. Any size overhang is possible in increments of 7".

Options and Accessories:

-Deeper top platform
-Custom colors available
-500 lbs load rating HEAVY DUTY
 -California OSHA compliant design
 -Top walk-off access with chain or gate
-Hot dipped galvanized to resist corrosion


Fabrication Authorities International, LLC. has a repeat of clientele that have been extremely satisfied with these Cantilever Ladders and have referred others in the industry to us so that we may accommodate them in making their facilities safe, efficient, and productive. We are dedicated to developing the most innovative access solutions through research, engineering, manufacturing, and marketing of the finest materials available. All of our products may be modified or completely custom designed to suit your needs. Our dedicated staff can assist you from concept to completion in a timely fashion. 

If you have unique requirements, We have the engineering expertise and manufacturing capability to provide you with a custom work platform or industrial ladder. Whether you need to an existing product altered or upgraded, or a completely new product engineered, fabricated, and delivered, Fabrication Authorities International, LLC. has the knowledge and experience to get the job done. We have designed and built custom work platforms and ladders to help our customers with all of their access needs. Contact our friendly and knowledgeable sales technicians for a professional consultation today!


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