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Low Profile Steel Self-Dumping Hopper
Our Low Profile Self Dumping "H" style hopper makes dumping easy. Secures easily with a chain, has a full 90° dump angle, has a blue powder coat finish, durable welds and convenient locking and dumping features for ease of use with a forklift.

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Low Profile 90 Degree Self-Dumping Hopper

Our Low Profile 90 Degree Steel Self-Dumping Hoppers feature steel construction, are manufactured for industrial use, and are great for those smaller hopper use jobs only needing to hold a lower volume of material for movement and dumping.

Low Profile 90 Degree Steel Self-Dumping Hopper

Units feature a full 90 degrees dump angle with a cushioned rubber bumper stop. The low profile design is essential for convenient loading. Dumping with a fork truck is quick and simple. A cable is pulled from the seat of the fork truck to dump the hopper. The unit returns to an upright and locked position when lowered to the ground. A safety restraint is provided to secure the hopper to the fork truck. Self-dumping hoppers are great for storing, transporting and dumping scrap and bulk material. Self-dumping hoppers are designed for industrial, commercial, institutional and other rugged applications. Self-dumping hoppers allow for safe and easy loading, transporting and dumping of material.


**All measurements in the table below are represented in inches, pounds and $USD.

Low Profile 90º Self-Dumping Hoppers
Model # Vol.
Cubic Yard
Capacity Overall Size  Fork Center Pockets Weight  Price  
 Light Duty • 12 Gauge Steel
 H-25-LD 1/4 2000 27 46-1/8  21-3/8  11-5/8 171 $810.00
 H-50-LD 1/2 2000 27 51-3/16 28-1/8 11-5/8 210 $924.00
 H-100-LD 1 2000 51  51-3/16 28-1/8  21-5/8 311 $1,105.00
 H-150-LD 1-1/2 2000 51  56-1/2 38-5/8 21-5/8 370 $1,261.00
 Medium Duty • 10 Gauge Steel
 H-25-MD 1/4 4000 27 46-1/8  21-3/8 11-5/8 193 $845.00
 H-50-MD 1/2 4000 27 51-3/16  28-3/16 11-5/8 243 $969.00
 H-100-MD 1 4000 51  51-3/16 28-1/8 21-5/8 361 $1,130.00
 H-150-MD 1-1/2 4000 51 56-9/16 38-5/8  21-5/8 436 $1,398.00
 Heavy Duty • 8 Gauge Steel
 H-25-HD 1/4 6000 27 46-3/16  21-3/8 11-5/8 215 $909.00
 H-50-HD 1/2 6000 27 51-1/4 28-3/16 11-5/8 277 $1,039.00
 H-100-HD 1 6000 51 51-1/4 28-3/16 21-5/8 410 $1,286.00
 H-150-HD 1-1/2 6000 51 56-9/16 38-11/16  21-5/8 502 $1,622.00
Model Description Weight Price
 H-DAMP-4    More controlled dumping process. (4,000 lb. units) 30 contact for pricing
 H-DAMP-6   More controlled dumping process. (6,000 lb. units) 4 contact for pricing
 LUG   (4) lifting lugs (welded) one on each corner 23 $390.00
 LEKP Factory installed welded leak proof for Hoppers 5 $91.00


Fabrication Authorities International offers a variety of hoppers to suit your needs. Self-dumping hoppers are designed for industrial, commercial, institutional and other rugged applications. Our self dumping hoppers or dumpers attach to forklifts. We also offer Portable Steel Hoppers, Steel Chute Hoppers, Open Ended Steel Dumping Hoppers, and many more to suit your facility’s needs. We can custom design a Hopper for you! Contact us for a professional consultation with our sales technicians today.


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