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Order Picker Maintenance Lift 

The manually propelled Order Picker Maintenance Lift features effortless operation without the use of outriggers. The 12V DC power system raises and lowers the platform quickly and safely. The enclosed platform with 42" guardrails with 21" mid-rails, gate, and 4" toe-boards features a skid resistant deck for employee safety. They are perfect for maintenance operations and stockroom use!

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Order Picker Maintenance Lift 

 Our Order Picker Maintenance Lift is engineered to meet your material handling requirements! Boost productivity along with performance with this reliable, maintenance free electric man lift.

 Sometimes, a ladder just doesn't provide the height or stability needed for painting, building repair, or order picking. Our Order Picker Maintenance Lift can be the perfect solution. This maintenance lift has the ability to handle many heavy duty industrial jobs, for which a ladder wouldn't be practical, efficient, or safe.

Order Picker Maintenance Lift

Accomplish maintenance safely and quickly at working heights up to 16'. The slip resistant work platform is completely enclosed with 42"H guardrails with mid-rails and a 4" toe guard on 3 sides. The 32” x 63” base fits through most standard doorways.

Our maintenance lifts are extremely versatile. One piece of equipment may be utilized in place of three separate lifts:
  • Stock Picker or Order Picker
  • Personnel Lift
  • Material Lift.

These industrial manlifts provide access to overhead fixtures and stocked shelves much easier and quicker than traditional ladders or scaffolding.

Ideal Uses Include . . .
Stocking Shelves, Lighting Maintenance, Inventory, Access To Upper Racks, Lifting Material, HVAC Installation/Service and Overhead Painting.


  • Manually propelled one person lift
  • 300 lbs. capacity
  • Large enclosed 26” x 28” platform
  • No outriggers required
  • Welded compact 32” x 63” base size
  • Able to pass through doorways
  • 42”H guardrails, with 21"H midrails and gate
  • (2) locking swivel and (2) rigid 6” casters
  • 12V DC power with battery and charger
  • 80-100 raise and lower cycles b/t charges
  • Meets/exceeds ANSI safety standards
  • Standard finish is deep gray enamel paint
  • Optional powder coat safety orange finish
  • Alternate power sources available

 The manually propelled Order Picker Maintenance Lift features effortless operation without the use of outriggers. The 12V DC power system raises and lowers the platform quickly and safely. The enclosed platform with 42" guardrails, midrails, gate, toe-boards features a skid resistant deck.

Choose From Two Models:

  • Ground Entry (OP-10): Raises to 9'-6" and contains two 24" x 24" shelves on base. Shelf that raises and lowers with platform not available.
  • One Step Entry (OP-11): Raises to 10'-6" and contains two 18" x 24" shelves on base and a 20" x 28" shelf that raises and lowers with platform.

Electrical Note: All electrical components are NEMA 1 or equivalent and are intended for indoor use in normal atmospheric conditions.

Order Picker Maintenance Lift

 Model # Working
Platform height   Platform Size Weight Price
Min Max L W
OP-10 15' 12" 9' 6" 26 28 710 $6,210.00
OP-11 16' 23" 10' 6" 730 $6,453.00


We can customize this product to meet any order picking requirements.

Also Available:

  • Removable Tool Tray
  • Fluorescent Tube Holder

Performing out of reach tasks is easy when you take advantage of our Order Picker Maintenance Lift!!

Fabrication Authorities International specializes in developing custom industrial man-lifts to meet your unique workplace safety needs. To ensure a finished product that is safe, ergonomic and a good fit for your accessibility requirements, we collaborate with you throughout all phases of the design and build process. Whether you need to an existing product altered, or a completely new product engineered, fabricated, and delivered, Fabrication Authorities International has the knowledge and experience to get the job done. Contact our friendly and knowledgeable sales technicians for a professional consultation today!           


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