Custom Elevating Work Platforms

These elevating work platforms are fully customizable to fit your needs.  The standard lifts are available with raised platform heights of 4’, 8’ and 12’.  Available as either air/hydraulic or electric/hydraulic powered systems. Call for a professional consultation.

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Custom Elevating Work Platforms

We offer a  full line of standard elevating work platforms that can be customized with many options.  The standard lifts are available with raised platform heights of 4’, 8’ and 12’.  Available as either air/hydraulic or electric/hydraulic powered systems, these lifts can be configured to bolt directly to a work surface or to be fitted with a T-bar handle which allows the unit to be wheeled around like a pallet jack.  


•Soft start/stop
•Custom controls
•Indexed lifting and lowering
•Fold-down safety gates and handrails
•Custom deck treatments (non-skid, anti-static, etc.)
•Slide-out sections that increase platform size when necessary
•Bellows skirting that keeps dust, debris, and moisture out of the lift mechanism

The manually positioned lift incorporates safeties to prevent operation of the lift when it is configured for moving around.  Optional designs allow for the inclusion of roll-out platform sections or the addition of utility connections in the operator platform.

Applications include:

Paint Finishing
Welding and Grinding
Ergonomic Positioning
Fall Protection / Safety
Fabrication and Assembly

These work platforms are perfect for assembly or maintenance operations where large structures, such as aircraft or heavy equipment, must be accessed at elevated or varying heights, Industrial Maintenance Platforms offers custom-configured lifts that can be designed into most production lines. Offering more flexibility and safety than scaffolding or ladders, these worker platforms are also appropriate for stock picking from higher shelves, such as the vertically stacked compartments of storage carousels.

Please call for additional options or custom designs.
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We can customize an Elevating Work Platform to your specific needs.
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