Dock Shelters

Dock Shelters within loading dock systems are an integral part of any facility. Loading Dock Shelters reduces oversized doors to match truck opening. Providing protection for your products, they guard against outside conditions, including insects, pests, & other variables, solves your environmental control needs, and help to improve internal temperature and worker environment.

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Dock Shelters

 Our Dock Shelters will provide a safer dock environment and unrestricted access to the trailer. Dock Shelters help keep the elements out while providing full, unimpeded vehicle access for a safe and productive loading dock. Designed to withstand daily wear and tear, MP Industries' dock shelters provide a high-quality, effective solution to our customers’ unique environmental challenges. 

 Dock shelters are designed to withstand heavy impact from trailers and protect your commercial business from damage. The shelter also forms a ground level canopy to protect personnel and loads from the elements when loading and unloading.

•Full Truck Access
•Heavy Duty
•Reduces oversized doors to match truck opening
•Long wear Vestex V-42 fabric is highly resistant to abrasion and tearing.
•Fiberglass staves are sewn into the flap
•Seal is formed along the sides and top of trailer when the vertical and top panels are pushed inward by the trailer
•Supporting structure is made of 2 x 4 wolmanized lumber
•Shelter is protected by safety yellow steel guide protectors
For use with doors up to 10'W x 10'H

Additional Information:

 We recommend minimum 10" trailer penetration for a good seal. The top header piece measures 132"W and contains a drop curtain, measuring 36"H. Two vertical pieces measure 126" tall with vertical flaps measuring 21"W. When installed the shelter will close door opening down to 90"W x 90"H opening (between flaps). Includes two yellow steel guide protectors and foam-filled corner pads for extra sealing action.

Dock Shelters

Model # PDF Projection Overall Size Weight Price
D-750-18 18" 126 132 338 $1,669.00
D-750-24 24" 368 $1,261.00
D-750-30 30" 397 $1,307.00
D-750-36 36" 427 $1,359.00

For use with door sizes 8'W x 8'H to 10'W x 10'H.

What Do I Need ? Do I need a Dock Seal or a Dock Shelter?

Dock seals offer the greatest sealing efficiency by providing a tight compression seal around the trailer top and sides. The trade off is that full access to trailer openings is restricted by the cushion padding that protrudes into the opening, and the seals, due to great pressure and friction, are subject to extreme wear. Dock seals are also suited best to smaller door openings and consistent truck sizes.

Dock shelters give a complete unobstructed access to the truck trailer beds, but usually do not seal as tightly as a dock seal. Dock shelters provide greater versatility by handling incoming trucks with a variety of sizes and configurations, including tailgates or other extensions. Shelters can also fit larger door openings and are subject to less damage from pressure and friction.

 There are a variety of options that can help a shelter wear more durably in a high traffic dock area. Our experienced commercial & industrial dock solution providers can help guide you to the right selection for your situation and applications.

 Our experienced sales technicians will analyze your operation and help you look at options, including: upgraded vinyl fabric, rain shields (installed above a dock seal to prevent water from entering the building), wear pleats, and inside wear faces. We can help you obtain all the benefits and advantages of efficient dock seal solutions, including maintenance and repair cost reduction, maximum up time for your dock operation, and guarentee a solid return on your investment.

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