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DAQ Passenger Boarding Ramp

DAQ ramps allow for a seamless boarding process for all aircraft from the Q200/400, up to the B737. For use with the CRJ 700/900 and smaller aircraft a Mobile Bridge Adapter is included; the DAQ ramp has an extended turn deck to allow for storage of the adapter, and is gated to prevent access to the adapter by the boarding passengers.

This ramp can be used on all aircraft ranging in height from a Q200/400 to B737.

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DAQ Passenger Boarding Ramp

DAQ Passenger Ramp Model# DAQ200-320-SG

 The DAQ passenger ramp is a multi-compatible ramp designed to provide a continuous sloped surface from the ground to the aircraft door sill height, providing safe passage from the aircraft door to the ground. This ramp is a good example of using universal design principles for boarding aircraft. It can work with wheelchairs and boarding chairs, provides an easier path than stairs for persons with limited mobility, and is a method that allows all passengers to board in the same manner. DAQ Ramps are comfortably sloped, non-motorized, and easy to operate.


 •Dignified boarding for PRM's  •Safer boarding for children
 •Virtually maintenance free& 2 year warranty  •Enhances the security of terminal operations
 •One person operation capability on all models  •General passenger flow 30% faster
 •Non-corrosive, moisture & fungus resistant design
 •No trip hazards, eliminates the risk of falling down stairs
 •Passengers board the ramp rather than cue across the apron
 •Unique slip resistant flooring in virtually any weather conditions
 •Optional extras available including roofing, lighting and branding
 •Alleviates the need for Ambu-lift and associated maintenance costs
 •Extremely gentle slopes suitable for one person to push wheelchairs
 •Dignified boarding for PRM's, boarding with all passengers and not carried upstairs or taken away separately


 Prior to the introduction of boarding ramps, passengers would board aircraft by walking along a ground-level ramp and climbing a set of movable stairs, or up airstairs. Mobile staircases or "ramp stairs" are still employed at many smaller airports and terminals supporting low cost carriers. Our BAR Series Passenger Boarding Ramps provides a path in the form of switchbacks from the ground to the aircraft doorsill height. This offers access to aircraft for all passengers, creating a total cost effective boarding solution without the need for traditional airstairs or highlift equipment and the associated costs.

DAQ Series Specs

Length: 30'
Height: 127" (Stowed)
Width: 119-1/2"
Weight: 30xx series aluminum frame: 3,079 lbs.
20xx series steel frame w/ canopy: 3,599 lbs.
Wheels: All pneumatic, Industrial Foam Filled
Brake: Dead Man style
Accessories: Towbar, Wheel chocks, Transition plate, Aircraft Locator Rod
Canopy: Optional with capability to fit over fuselage of any aircraft
Range: Lowest setting 54″, highest setting 105″
FAA Requirements: Meets or exceeds all requirements as stated in A/C No: 150/5220-21C
Surface 36″W Slip-resistant surface
Wind Standards: Meets 90 MPH FAA requirement when stowed
Warranty: 2-year warranty on manufacturing and material defects

 DAQ Ramps provide a smooth transition from the ground to the aircraft door sill height. This offers access to aircraft for all passengers, creating a total cost effective boarding solution without the need for traditional airstairs or high-lift equipment and the associated costs. Passenger Ramps may be be set up to work with nearly any aircraft or jetway configuration. They offer interesting alternatives to jetways, and resolve the issue of having to use separate equipment for disabled people to get on or off the aircraft. Our ramps are among the most affordable quality products for initial investment and for long-term maintenance. We offer a variety of sizes, configurations and complexities. All products are custom built to fill the need of each individual airline, airport or airline-related customer. Each ramp is designed to reach the different airplane sill heights at a custom desired angle of slope.

 Efficient, reliable and secure systems for loading and unloading passengers are essential. Those systems must also meet the challenge of maintaining flexibility in scheduling varied airlines and aircraft. Fabrication Authorities International has the knowledge of aircraft and equipment expertise to meet your challenges head-on, providing maximum efficiency and flexibility in aircraft layout and ramp utilization. We produce and specialize in ground support equipment, such as ADA compliant passenger boarding ramps. If you have a unique requirement for a specifically designed piece of airport GSE, please contact us to create an efficient custom solution that is just right for you.

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